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Notice of AGM


Notice is hereby given that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held at the Portsmouth Sailing Club, The Old Consulate, Bath Square, Old Portsmouth on Friday 15th March at 7:30 p.m

1.      Apologies for absence

2.      Approve Minutes of EGM held on 20 November 2018

3.      Matters arising

4.      Election of members proposed as Directors for



and Captain                                   Liz Ballard


Chairman and Vice Captain          Russell Mead


Secretary                                       Gareth Penn


Treasurer                                       John Scammell


Secretary                                       Sid Dollery  


Secretary                                       Ronald Fidler


Officer                                           Geoffrey Stone


Manager                                        Ian Perryman


and Events / Social                       Matthew Salt

Member                                         David Price

Member                                         Jim Downing

Member                                         Hugh Pringle


5.      Receive the Financial Statement for Year Ending 30 November 2018

6.      Class Captain’s Report

7.      Sub-Committee Reports:

a.      Sailing / Racing

b.      Social

c.       Moorings

8.      To consider and vote on changes suggested by the Directors (details below)

9.      Any other business


Full copies of the Financial Statements are available from the Secretary on request:

Gareth Penn – gareth@goodsalonguide.com

c/o Good Salon Guide, Willis House, Willis Road, Portsmouth PO1 1AT


Proposed Rule



Electronic Devices:


Current Rule:

Electronic Devices

Other than radios, digital watches and compasses shall not be carried while racing. Any GPS (Global Positioning System) devices or equipment with GPS capability are not to be used while racing.


Proposed draft for new rule:


Electronic devices:

Electronic devices shall not be used whilst racing except as detailed below or as specifically authorized by event sailing instructions:


Permitted equipment and usage:

1.      Communication devices:

a.      A Marine VHF radio capable of transmitting and receiving solely on public channels.


b.      Other devices capable of voice or datatransmission and reception but only to:-


Receive communication intended for all competitors, or information broadcast for public usage.


Respond to an organizing authority as permitted by any sailing instructions.


Communicate or respond to a distress, urgency or safety incidet.


c.       Any communication devices with GPS (Global Positioning System) capability or other equivalent position determining capability may only use such capability to transmit a boat’s position to third parties, and then only:-


In a distress, urgency or safety situation


As allowed for in any sailing instructions, providing that the information is not used by the boat when racing.


2.     Electronic timing devices

3.     Self-contained electronic compasses with functionality limited to providing heading, tacking prompts and timer.

4.     Self-contained electronic photographic and video recording apparatus.

5.      Electronic equipment supporting electric and automated bilge pumping: subject to any provisions in rule 5.10


Reasoning for change:


As per presentation to November EGM, This is driven largely by the requirements added to the Cowes Week Sis in 2018 that illustrated that our existing rules were significantly behind current technology and its potential usage. The rule seeks to explicitly state what devices or types of devices are allowed and for what specific usage.


Douglas Fir Mast bases


Current Rule:


As part of 7.1.2

The mast base may use a Douglas Fir scarfed base section to a maximum height of the goose neck. Note: Douglas Fir is advised when a repair is required in the base section providing additional strength.


Proposed New Rule:

Replace with new rule 7.1.9, remove from 7.1.2 

7.1.9 Use of Douglas Fir in mast construction

Note: Douglas Fir is advised for additional strength in the base section when a repair is required or for new build.

a)     New Mast Builds:

There shall be a minimum length of 7747mm of spruce between the pin of sheave and the start of any solid Douglas Fir base section. The related Douglas Fir to Spruce scarf joint sections may be less then 7747mm from the pin of sheave. 

 b)    Mast repairs: 

At the discretion of the class Technical Committee/Directors, a repair that includes a Douglas Fir base section may extend the solid section of Douglas Fir above the minimum measurement for a new build if that is appropriate to the position of the break and simplifies the repair.


 Modify 7.1 General – add exception and correction

7.1 General

Mast and boom and spinnaker pole shall be of spruce, except as detailed in rule 7.1.9, and to dimensions as shown on the drawing and as specified in these rules.

Reasoning for change:



measurement rules reference the gooseneck for which there is no fixed measurement.  Mast builders and repairers need clear direction as to limits.  It is important that the resulting scarf joints are kept away from high load areas especially at the gooseneck and this has determined the measurement and the rule wording. In the event of breakage and repair it is necessary to allow sufficient latitude to again ensure the scarf joint can be kept away from high load areas hence the ‘mast repair’ exception.


Dyneema Jib Luff ‘Wire’ 

Proposal:   That the classsailmaker be requested to specify a suitable Dyneema replacement for the current sainless steel jib luff wire, and to add this as an orderable OPTION within the agreed class sail specification for new sails, or as an approved modification to existing sails to the same specification. 


Note that the sailmaker not the class holds the sail specification. 

Reasoning for change:


As per presentation to November EGM,  the more flexible luff will improve longevity of a Victory jib by making it easier to handle and stow. Dyneema is already used across boats for standing rigging and halyards and presents no additional concerns or risks. It will be a direct and optional replacement to wire with the attachment to the sail identical. No significant cost implications, no performance implications.  Likely spec is 4mm Unsheathed SK78 Dyneema.

Gareth Penn’s avatar 21-Feb-2019 By Gareth Penn in

Technical Items from EGM

​At the 2018 EGM various issues were raised for discussion prior to them potentially being brought to the AGM in 2019 for voting and adoption. Full details are available below. If you have any comments please let Geoff Dixon or Gareth Penn know. 

Gareth Penn’s avatar 21-Nov-2018 By Gareth Penn in Sailing & racing

Prizegiving 2018

​​Some very happy people at last nights Victory Class Prizegiving at the RNC/RAYC. Overall Cowes Week winners Max and Scam from Zinnia, and the man who walked away with most of the rest of the silverware, Jim Downing, Z78 Ziva, also with the Captains decanter for all his support to the class over the last year.

Geoff Dixon’s avatar 18-Nov-2018 By Geoff Dixon in Social

​For Sale – Half Share in Z72 Zingara - £4995.00

​​Zingara was built in 1990 and was the last of the prestigious wooden Perry victories to have been built.  Zingara is in excellent condition and has been fitted out to a high standard.  The sails are still competitive but are getting on a bit, so the boat would benefit from a new suit at some time in the future.  She comes complete with trolley, outboard and tender although the latter is subject to separate agreement. Interested parties should contact Sid Dollery 07740 774731 or Andrew Thomas 07831 865093.

Gareth Penn’s avatar 24-Sep-2018 By Gareth Penn in For sale
Gareth Penn’s avatar 07-Jun-2018 By Gareth Penn in Sailing & racing


​​Z79 offers aunique opportunity to enter the exciting world of Victory sailing with a brand new GRP boat fully fitted out for racing, including a full set of sails.

Provisionally called Zing – because of her lively performance in winning her test race – Z79 was recently built by David Heritage in Cowes.

Zing was commissioned by the Victory Class to ensure that a top class, racing-ready new Victory would be available to potential new owners wanting to get on the water without delay.

Zing was fully fitted out for racing by David Heritage and tuned and set up by Shaun Hopkins. She is fully compliant with the European Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). She has been tried and tested in the Victory Class course in one race, which she won decisively. Since then, Zing has been laid up and is being maintained to its build standard and is ready to sail immediately. 

There are only two photos of Z79 in existence, both of which are shown here, however she is built to identical standards as Z78 which is also pictured here and is available to view and test sail. 

Price £28,000

Viewing by appointment. Ring Hugh

Pringle on 07973 176501 or email hughpringle@btinternet.com