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Race Report from Thursday 5th September

The last Thursday race of the season!!!!!

After the unfortunate accident between a large red fishing boat and Rosina, our trusty committee vessel was out of action. Stretch (from Z57) was thankfully able to bring his RIB over. Wiith lots of gaffer tape to form flagstaffs our committee boat was ready and subsequently anchored off Vail Williams with an orange laid mark as the pin end of the line.

Crewed by Ben (mini Stretch) and Martin (also Z57 crew).

Five Victorys took to the water to soak up some of the end of the summer sunshine (Z77, Z76, Z74, Z71 and Z54). An optimistic course was set

KB p

laid mark p


The start was at 1835 with a strong tide pushed us away from the line and 10-8kts which was slowly dying. The whole race was a game of snake and ladders with lots of wind shifts (up to 50 degrees!) but Z74 led with everyone else fighting for second place.

Two laps were completed but the race was shortened on the next upwind at KB.

The positions were-


Congrats to Z74 on winning the last Thursday race !

Thank you to Stretch, Martin and Ben for your dynamic OOD duties.

The next race is tomorrow for the Poona followed by the last race on a Tuesday, the 10th September, start time is 1815.

See you on the water!


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​Tuesday 7th May Race Report

​A strange wind direction…. north easterly led officer of the day Ron Fidler (Z53) to set course 16… i think everyone needed to check their course cards as its a rarely (ever?) used course! So to remind you-

Wall start


VW s

KB s


SS (suffolk sails) s

VW s


Finish at SS

Boats on the startline were 57, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 78, 80, unfortunately Z68 broke their tiller and didn’t start the race. The first leg was a reach to PSC, the majority of the fleet started at the Suffolk Sails end of the line with their spinnakers up.

The fleet split at PSC with Z75 leading the pack towards the Isle of Wight, whilst Z57 took a gaggle of Victorys to the edge of the channel. The wind was gusty with a sea state reminiscent of Cowes week, if only it was a little warmer!

Z75 led around the first windward mark (VW) down the gybe mark (KB) followed swiftly by Z71 and Z76. Kites had to be dropped at PSC for the very tight reach/near beat to PSC.

Z75 continued their lead at Suffolk Sails and up to Vail Williams for a second time, whilst the rest of the pack fought for the other places.

Downwind from VW to PSC there were a few gybe battles to try and gain places, however coming into PSC Z76 pipped Z71 followed by Z57 sneaking in before the finish.

Take home from the race- when in doubt definitely put you jacket on, the waves are wetter than they look …

The results-

Z75, 76, 57, 71, 70, 80, 78, 74. Congrats to Z75 on their win!

Thank you to OOD Ron Fidler.

The next race is tonight, Thursday 9th May and then Saturday 11th May. See you on the water!

Zoe, Z71

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