Race Report 29.5.21

Summer has arrived.

Can you see Z53, on the exciting finish?
Can you see Z53, on the exciting finish?
Post Race Analysis?

A glorious day on the south coast enticed 4 boats out for the 3rd race in the President’s Shield. Yet again Jim D turns up to helm yet another yacht in the Saturday series, but also great to see Mike Scott and Isabel’s return to racing!!!

The Gate boat duty was offloaded to the marvellous fellows from Z68 – with the rumblings of a trip out to the rad post – I don’t think Bill had seen the forecast.

With the high tide at 14:30, engines were the order of the day to reach the sailing area with the transit of the harbour entrance.

So the course was set, Gate Boat start at Suffolk Sails, Mary Rose (P), Suffolk Sails (P), Gleeds (P), Suffolk Sails to finish.

Z68 opened the gate with Z48 crossing first followed by Z53 and then Z69. Z68 closed the gate and continued south along the Haslar wall. While the rest continued east along the main channel before tacking due to the channel boundary with Z48 ducking Z69’s stern with Z53 dropping slightly behind.

The big decision, and the outcome of the race – when to tack? With the main west going tide the fleet needed to stay on the swashway. Z69 tacked first protecting the left hand side of the track, with Z68 almost up to Royal Albert before tacking and Z48 tacking in between. With the breeze shifting right, Z48 gained position on the fleet and dominated to Mary Rose. Z68 pipped Z69 to the mark with Z53 bringing up the tail.

The breeze started to lighten with the tide carrying the fleet towards the west. BANG!!! What was that?? – Z68 mounting Gleeds – not a mark of the course yet – but very funny for the other competitors as John H checked the damage As this was happening Z69 managed to pass Z68.

As the fleet neared Suffolk Sails for the first time the tide and slight bend in the breeze caught us all out as the run turned to a tight reach to the mark. Z48 first, Z69, Z68 and Z53.

The second beat, wind lighter and shifted, the fleet this time all went south, but when to tack? Z48 went to the layline, Z69 tacked to again protect the left, with Z68 tacking between the two choices. As the tide was helping the boats reach the mark, Z69 managed to pinch up from under Z68 to reach the mark in second after Z48 had extended again. Z53 was still plugging away rounding 4th. On the way to the finish the wind lightened perhaps providing an outside possibility of some change, but no, the boats maintained the order to the finish. Well sailed Z48 (Jim, Mike and Sid).

The sailors then had a swift half on the lightship, before returning to the club…..dangerous with the new opening times of the bar (and of course thanks to Munch & Joe).

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Late posting of a report from the previous week. Unfortunately, no pics or photos to add. With a great sailing day as the winds from the week decreased five boats arrived at the start area. Z69 took responsibility for the gate boat. Setting the course initially to Kemp Quay(P), Suffolk Sails(S), Linington(S), Royal Albert(S), Suffolk Sails (P), Portsmouth Sailing Club, Suffolk Sails. Before the warning signal this was altered to Mother Bank as the first mark. On the first start, the gate boat unfortunately lost the timing and with the observation by Munch, the start was abandoned with a restart. The winds were beginning to ease at start time. With all the yachts correctly starting the fleet decision was to short tack at Gillkicker to cheat the tide. Lots of lead changing happening between Z69, Z54, Z70 and Z68 all having a turn. Unfortunately, Z67 a little behind after the morning’s repair and maintenance. Eventually the fleet managed to get around the point after some intense short tacking, reminiscent of a Cowes Week Race, Z69 leading, followed by Z70, Z54, Z68 and Z67. With the breeze lightening, was the choice to obtain tide relief at Stokes Bay, or plug to the west gain a slight southerly track from the tide. Hold on, a brave choice Z67 tacks for the Island shore – perhaps a visit to the red post or will we see them later???

The main fleet struggled against the tide to the West, Z54 moving in to second through Z70. Z68 seems to be moving well closer to the mainland shore. How far to go before committing to the starboard tack to Mother Bank in the main flow. Z69 tack first with the fleet following suit, except for Z67 (somewhere in the Eastern Solent).

With a couple of tacks, Z69 lead around Mother Bank, followed by Z54, Z70, Z68 with Z67 as the straggler. With the commercial traffic around Mother Bank and the breeze building, there were some alternative courses.

Z69 kite up and going extended from Z54, with the length of time on the beat it looked like it would just be the one-mark course!

At the finish Z69, Z54, Z70, Z68 and eventually Z67. Beers in the club.

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After the initial Saturday morning Social media activity – the class managed to rustle up 3 boats to race in the afternoon (Z54, Z69 and Z70). Interestingly Matt had persuaded Jim D to come out for a Saturday afternoon race helming Z70.

With the tide still flooding in the harbour entrance – engines were the order of the day to reach the race course in the becalmed conditions. As Z69 was the only boat fully crewed, the other boats forfeited the Gate boat duties.

With Jim requesting a trip to Quarr (old Bob Kemp) while in the marina, Scam set about planning a reasonable length race knowing the predicted breeze and rain was starting to arrive, and decided on KB Drystack (start), North East middle Middle(port), Gleeds (port), Suffolk Sails (starboard), Linington (starboard), Portsmouth Sailing Club (starboard), Suffolk Sails (finish).

With the wind steadily increasing at the start and the west going tide, Z54 crossed the gate boat line first with Z70 following a few lengths later. Working up to Gilkicker point Z69 led closely followed by Z70 and Z54. Z69 and Z70 decided to go South for the main tide while Z54 went west along the shore. With the breeze building Z69 slowly gained to windward against Z70, largely due to Z69 benefitting from having Joppers being the third crew and extra pair of hands. On the next cross Z54 had managed to gain leverage along the shore with breeze and lifting conditions. As Z54 crossed the fleet the breeze decided to build rapidly under the weather front up to the reported 32knots at Brambles post. The crew were “enjoying” the hailstone conditions as the fleet continued to race to NERM. Under the conditions the third crew and weight helped Z69 reach NERM first with Z54 second and Z70 third. On rounding the mark, a moving obstacle was encountered, (blasting a lot of signals – see Notice to Mariners), a survey ship with a tow. Z69 managed to gybe in front, while Z54 stayed south of the vessel and Jim decided to have a conversation with the skipper as the vessel blasted more sound signals….

This had allowed Z69 to reach Stokes Bay first for the tidal relief with the breeze dropping again to a zephyr. A run along the shore to Gilkicker before heading out to Gleeds. The crew could see the breeze and rain building again in the west. This allowed Z54 and Z70 to close the distance to Z69. The gybe at Gleeds, allowed Z69 to carry the kite on the tight reach to Suffolk Sails. With the breeze again building both Z54 and Z70 dropped their spinnakers at Gleeds for a white sail reach to Suffolk Sails.

As with the Saturday races, fleet communication allowed the OOD to shorten the course at Suffolk Sails, with the next heavy band of wind and rain approaching for the west. So the race finished Z69, Z54 and Z70. The sailors returned to PSC boomyard for the obligatory beer under the glorious sunshine.

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Race Report 13.5.21

First Thursday Series, R3

Scam and Max were joined by Sid for Galadriel and OOD duty. A great

attendance, requiring two ferry trips for the Class. With the Easterly breeze
the start was positioned at RN and Royal Albert Yacht club, and the first beat set
down to the new sponsor’s buoy Linington (first use for the Class).

The course which was rather extensive and tested the fleet on either
memory or the availability of a chinagraph pencil was (get ready), RNC & Royal Albert Yacht Club (start), Linington
(port); RNC & Royal Albert Yacht Club (port); KB Dry Stack (port); RNC
& Royal Albert Yacht Club (port); KB Dry Stack (port), Portsmouth Sailing
Club (starboard), Suffolk Sails (finish).

Eight boats at the start, with Scam positioning the Committee boat as
the pin end.

Good starts from Z74 - leeward end, Z57 - nearest the line, and Z67 -
windward end, but there was another option, with the tide was it better to
arrive late at the boat to tack off ? - z77.

The fleet well underway for the long beat down to Linington, of course
keeping south of the lay line. Z77’s starting gamble paid off, leading the way
after being the first to take the tidal advantage. Meanwhile there was a lot
going on the committee vessel with Sid’s great instructional training
course (via Jim’s notes)

On the turn at RA, some interesting kite drops, positions were
z57-z75-z74-z67-z77-z54-z68-z70. Very close racing between the top three and boats
lying fourth to eight with MC slightly adrift from the fleet in her and Matt’s
new purchase.

On the short beat to KB, z67 being helmed by Chris Rust (without much
back stay), went left, losing ground to both z77 and z54.

With the beat to the finish, z57 defended with loose cover against z75
and z74, and finished first. Second and third place looked set but hang on ….z77
is sneaking along the wall to the nearer end of the line…can she make second?
Not quite, z75 in second with z77 beating z74 to third by less than half a

Another close finish followed as Z54 pipped z67, again with z54
being closer to the signal station on the line. Then Z68 followed for seventh,
with a small interlude before z70 finished on the Suffolk Sails finishing line.

A long race but completed by 20:15, with the competitors retiring to the
Spice Island for drinks….Plus Scam could remove the requirement for being on
the committee boat (see photo)….

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