Membership options

We offer 6 membership options, with fees payable on 1st December of the preceding year, there is discount on all membership fees except Social and Student if paid before 31st January:

  1. Boat Owner: £340

  2. Co-owner: £105

  3. Crew: £82

    Crews are encouraged to join us. You must have started at least 6 races as a crew to take part in the Crews’ race.

  4. Social and Student: £24

  5. Mooring for non Victory boat owners: £275

    We offer mooring to owners of other boats when available. Preference is always given to Victory Class boats.

The Victory Class

​Part of the true character of the Solent, the Victory Class offers you close competitive racing with a history and class development spanning over 90 years.

Full sail on the Solent

Designed by the renowned marine architect Alfred Westmacott and built from wood, the modern sloop rigged Victory originated from the Bembridge One Design. For traditional enthusiasts and keen racers, some of the original wooden boats remain afloat and highly competitive; a wooden Victory has won Cowes Week every year up to 2011.

If you are less of a traditionalist then one of the new composite Victorys may well be for you; less maintenance than its wooden cousin means you can spend a bit more time admiring your stake in yachting history.

Whether wooden or composite, you are certain to enjoy truly incredible racing in probably the most cost effective keel boat on the water.

​We have great facilities.

Shore-side facilities in the heart of Old Portsmouth

The Victory Class is based in the heart of historical Old Portsmouth with all its marine based amenities to hand. As well as this, we offer a host of member owned facilities.

Zafirah on the Victory Class yard slipway

During the sailing and racing season your boat can be moored on one of the class moorings close to Portsmouth Harbour entrance or in Haslar Marina. Both options are very affordable and at a fraction of the cost of normal commercial moorings. A class launch can ferry you to and from your boat.

Off season we have land based facilities to help you winter and maintain your boat appropriately. These include both yard and under cover shed facilities also within the Old Portsmouth area.

To top this, all the equipment required to launch and rig your boat is available as and when needed so you are virtually self-sufficient. And help from your fellow class members is usually at hand.

The Victory Class is affiliated to Portsmouth Sailing Club which is based in Old Portsmouth and overlooks Portsmouth Harbour entrance. PSC runs a variety of racing including keelboat racing in the Parhelion series and the long running frostbite series for dinghies and dayboats. There are regular cruising rallies and a range of social activities throughout the year.

​​We race regularly.

Affordable, competitive club racing 3 days a week

Whether you are a novice or an expert, the sailing grounds directly outside and within Portsmouth Harbour provide safe and challenging conditions to stretch and test your skills to new levels.

Race start in Portsmouth Harbour

When we race

We race 3 times a week during the months of April through to September and once a week from October to December so there are plenty of opportunities to compete…

  • On Tuesday and Thursday evenings
  • On Saturdays during the summer season
  • On Friday evenings during autumn
  • On Sunday morning during the colder months

And if you don’t own a Victory yet you can always crew.

Or read old Race Reports

​We’re sociable.

We are a sociable bunch

The success of the Victory Class is not just down to its fine boats. Our members provide a friendly network not just for socialising but also to draw upon the broad knowledge of the boats we sail and the waters we sail them on.

Whether you are crewing or a boat owner, you can always rely on friendly advice and support from your fellow class members – on the water, in the yard or at the bar after sailing.

Staying up to date and having your say in how the Club runs

All members receive the same news and updates. Owner and co-owner members have voting rights at our AGM: there is 1 vote per boat.

​We have a range of membership options.