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Race Report - Tuesday 17th May 2022

Another Tuesday race that was abandoned due to not enough wind…

Crossing the harbour on TT Tina the ENE breeze looked a bit feisty but once we got out the harbour the wind eased a little to 10ish knots. Sid and Liz on class launch Sapristi set the start in the vicinity of KB with LT as the windward mark, the wind decided to shift which made GL the windward. The wind continued to be unsettled, OODs laid an inflatable hoping to use that as a round mark but alas the wind completely changed direction again settling on SSW and BT as a windward.

The course would be 3x BT to port and the gate (start line) which could be passed either to port or starboard.

By this point we were sitting in a wind hole but a large brown cloud was passing over the IOW and looming closer, you do not need to be a meteorologist to tell it was a very wet cloud. Would the cloud bring wind or kill any breeze left??

AP was removed and we went into sequence at about 1930, the start was busy with lots of boats jostling for a good position. Z76 (Kim and crew) were nearly over and bore down on Z71. Once the start gun went some boat tacked off towards the wall for clean air, some stayed on starboard heading south. The deluge from the looming brown cloud finally arrived, Gareth requesting a hat so he could see where he was going, the request was declined!

The rain was so heavy that the visibility decreased and sighting BT was a struggle. Slowly the rain subsided and so did the wind, the sun came out to dry us off and we were treated to a rainbow across the fleet.

We were still tracking up the BT, could Z71 get lucky and make it round? Would we have to tack onto port and dodge the fleet?

Z74 slickly rounded BT followed by (i think!) Z78, Z75, Z80, Z71 and Z57. The wind was really testing us with flukey shifts and a dying breeze. At the leeward gate the fleet unanimously decided to round Sapristi to port but the front boats struggled to make it through the gate. It was a slow speed pile up with boats trying to keep some way on.

Sid and co decided unfortunately to abandon racing AGAIN. We have been particularly unlucky with the wind so far this season.

Thankfully honorary social secretary Gareth Penn had organised pizzas to be washed down with our pints.

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Race Report: Sat 14th May.

Boats racing (68, 69 and 70)

10-12 knots + sunshine

Great day racing in glorious sunshine a consistent sea breeze from the south meant perfect weather for sailing to red post! 68 was gate boat, starting at KB and making our way too gleeds on a beat. The next mark was a reach to North Sturbridge, 68 led the way with 70 behind and 69 in third. 69 put their kite up and reached to the mark, meaning they could gained 2nd before the next beat to red post. Round red post the order was (68,69,70) however 69 appeared to damaged something while rounding the post so sailed to Suffolk Sails before retiring.

The final beat was back to Gleeds and back to Suffolk Sails, with 68 in the lead to the finish and 70 in 2nd place shortly behind.

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Race report Tuesday 10 May

‘The great raft race’

With Z68 acting as OOD for the day the start was at PSC followed by course 2 (BT, SS, BT, SS, PSC, SS repeat PSC, SS until bored) and with a SW 15-17 knots blowing we saw a lively start with most boats slightly early and having to reach down the line to avoid being over.

An interesting beat (when to tack in, would there be Westerly tide as we worked towards BT) and some close crosses saw 74 leading around first followed by 78, 76 and 71 (I think. I was busy!).

Nothing much to report on the run until 75, 80, 57 and 71 all arrived at SS together. Silence dawned as skippers and crew all realised that it was looking a bit tight. 75, 80 and 57 became locked in an embrace until the silence was broken by the class captain who quietly muttered s***.

And so the great raft race began as 75, 80 and 57 continued to enjoy each others close company leaving 71 to jibe away to round the mark. After a decent interval the lovers parted ways and continued back to round SS. Unfortunately 57 then decided that they would retire to lick their wounds, following 77 in to the harbour.

I’d love to be able to report on the remainder of the race however due to 71 and 75 extending and then shortening the piece of bungee I have no idea what went on elsewhere other than to report that whenever I looked up 76 seemed to be trying to luff 78!

After one rounding of PSC and the IPA clearly running low the course was shortened with 74 worthy winners followed by 78, 76, 71, 75, 80 and 70. Thank you to Bill and John for an excellent race.

Sorry no photos as no Zoe Whittaker

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Race Report - Saturday 7th May 2022

A rare occasion when Z71 decided to race on a weekend, there was a good turnout, mostly due to the glorious sunshine predicted, with a full set of wooden Victories from Z67 to Z71.

The wind was about 10 knots from the northeast but due to swing and die as the day progressed.

For the first race of the two race afternoon (NOT multi-race!) Z69 was gateboat and started the race at KB, with the windward mark SS, two rounds to finish on a half round at SS. Z68 absolutely smashed the first windward leg inshore along the wall and came out trumps. Z69 was hot on their heels but struggled to catch them up. Z67 and Z71 played cat and mouse.

The crew of Z67 decided to cause a stir, they were unfamiliar with the Saturday racing rules and thought another round couldn’t be started after 40 minutes. They were quietly ignored by the rest of the fleet…

The results of race one-

1st Z68

2nd Z69

3rd Z71

4th Z67

5th Z70

Race two had a change of race officer(s) to Z67, who promptly had to borrow a fender to tow behind for the start. There was a discussion in the course and the Saturday rules (again!!!) and a change of course to race one was decided as the wind had shifted further north. The start was at KB again and then a shorter beat to PS, two rounds and then up to PS and along the wall to finish at SS.

The sun was out and the wind had eased to 5-8kts. The fleet got off to a good start with some close crosses and places were changing. The wind kept shifting and was very flukey, there was a looming black cloud that threatened rain.

We all thought the fetch from PS to SS would be an easy leg but as we got closer to the city the wind played with each Victory and decided who would get a header and who would get the golden lift.

In the end Z68 came out on fire again and won the race. Z71 just pipped Z69 to second place and Z67 got unlucky. Z70 retired.

Congratulations to Z68, Bill and John who had a fabulous day on the water.

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Race Report - Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Another light wind evening with Sid and company on class launch Sapristi anchored in the vicinity of KB. The course for the evening was to be-

BT p

Gate (between Sapristi and KB)

LM (leeward laid mark) p



The wind was about 5kts from the Southwest, the tide was still going out and we had a small postponement to wait for a few of the fleet to join us. Once AP had been removed the fleet gathered, the line had a slight port hand bias so Z74 and Z71 decided to execute the port hand flyer- AND SUCCEEDED!!!

Z74 and Z71 crossed the fleet and headed towards haslar wall, the rest of the fleet still tracked south. Z74 pulled away from Z71. Z80, Z57 and Z76 looked strong but the rest of the fleet were close together. After a few port/starboard crosses there were a few place chances, it looked like Z71 had thrown away a good position, but we were only 2/3rds up the windward leg. Z74 continued south, away from the wall, but stalled as the wind died closest to them. The rest of the fleet saw this and kept up the tacking battle close to the beach. The wind was barely detectable but the tide was strong, pushing us past the windward mark. Z76 came out trumps and slowly rounded. Z71 was next, whilst Z57 and others needed to put in a few hitches.

Once round the windward we attempted to fly spinnakers but the sea had turned glassy. We expected to float to the finish but after 45 minutes the OODs displayed N over A and racing was abandoned.

We all returned back to PSC for some post floating pints, not before Z71 and Z74 had to retrieve Z74’s tender trolley which went for an unintentional swim in dirty corner. Best to ask the crew of Z71 what happened…


(The crew of) Z71

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Z79 has been sold but new GRP Victories are available through the Class builder David Heritage. Please contact us for more information, lead time and costs.

​​Z79 offers a unique opportunity to enter the exciting world of Victory sailing with a brand new GRP boat fully fitted out for racing, including a full set of sails.

Provisionally called Zing – because of her lively performance in winning her test race – Z79 was recently built by David Heritage in Cowes.

Zing was commissioned by the Victory Class to ensure that a top class, racing-ready new Victory would be available to potential new owners wanting to get on the water without delay.

Zing was fully fitted out for racing by David Heritage and tuned and set up by Shaun Hopkins. She is fully compliant with the European Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). She has been tried and tested in the Victory Class course in one race, which she won decisively. Since then, Zing has been laid up and is being maintained to its build standard and is ready to sail immediately.

There are only two photos of Z79 in existence, both of which are shown here, however she is built to identical standards as Z78 which is also pictured here and is available to view and test sail.

Price £28,000

Race Report - 30th April 2022

Bank Holiday Saturday managed to entice some competitors after the high wind the previous weekend.

After the usual communication method for requesting the use of Sapristi. Four boats turned up to race, all boat being two up apart from Z70 having the extra crew of Harriot Hardy (daughter of the new owner of Dolphin).

Z69 offered to be Gate boat, if no others accepted the position. In fact, Z68 were delighted for Z69 to continue with position as Gate boat. With the forecast, tide and the South easterly breeze the course was announced as SS(gate) - LT(s) - GL(s) - SS(s) - LT(s) - GL(s) - SS(s) - GL(s) - SS(fin) .

On the start with the gate opening, Z68 followed by Z70 promptly at SS. Z53 intially appeared to forget there was a gate boat, starting 10 boats out from SS. Rectifying the situation Z53 returned in front of the gate to start correctly. Line clear – gate closed.

With the course being bounded by the imaginary line on the port channel marks – was the tidal escalator the advantage? On the first cross Z69 led Z68 and Z70, with a slight gain on the right side. On the next cross Z70 led Z68 followed by Z69 – again the right side paying rather than the tide at the channel. The next cross Z69 led Z68 and Z70 to Linington with Z53 slightly off the pace.

From Linington to Gleeds, were the yachts able to track or would a hitch be needed in the remains of the main West going tide? No tack required and no positional changes.

At the mark Z68 gybe set while the rest continued on port in the West going tide. At the end of the first round Z69 led Z68, Z70, Z53 with slight gains for the boats that stayed initially on the Port gybe.

The next beat to Linington the tidal escalator was in full affect, with Z69 protecting the channel side to control the fleet. The main challenges were avoiding the IOW ferries and the imaginary boundary line. The race continued to the finish with Z69, Z68, Z70 and Z53 remaining in the same positions.

On returning to the PSC bar – the delights of roast beef baguettes from the Parhelion Prize Giving.

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Race Report - 28th April 2022

First Thursday series race 2 – 28/4/22

Wind : ENE plus a bit more east, 5-10 knots

Committee boat start at PS

Course: SS (P) - PS (P) - SS (P) - PS (P) - SS (P) - PS (P) - SS Finish

7 boats turned up to race despite forecast of little to no

57 and 67 opted for pin end with 78 in hot pursuit. 74 started at the committee boat end, looking for the inner passage. 57,67 & 78 held out to the right in close contact, tacking on the shifts. 54, with guest helm Jim Hughes, was somewhat line-shy at the start but held out hard to the right and experience, (not as rusty as claimed), paid off as he rounded Suffolk Sails in fourth place, close behind 57, 78 and 67.

Positions were maintained on the first downwind leg with 78 gaining on 57. Not much more than a dolphin to split the distance between 57,78 and 67 at the mark. 67 tacked off first to clear air then tacked back to find a good line to overtake 78 by the windward mark.

On the run back up to PS for the second time, 67 found the breeze to pass 57 and round PS in first place.

By this time, cloud cover was sufficiently dense to consider shortening the course to get everyone safely finished and moored up in daylight. The committee boat announced their decision on the radio and proceeded to take up their position east of Suffolk Sails, raising the blue flag ready for the close finish. Sapristi – good heavens! two of the leading three boats decided on alternative tactics, ignoring the OOD’s instructions and passed SS to port before adjusting course to round to starboard following 67, 75 and 54.

The saga will no doubt continue in the protest room….

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Race Report-Tuesday 19th April 2022

HORAAYYYY!!!! The 2022 sailing season has started ….with a big old N over A.

In true Victory Class style we motored out of the harbour and bobbed around the start box on Haslar wall, there was barely a breath of wind and the sea was glassy. At 19:16 the OOD called abandonment on racing and we quickly fired up the engines and headed to the bar.

Despite the lack of wind there was still a good turn out of about ten boats, with everyone keen to catch up and get racing. Sapristi was expertly commanded by Sid, Liz and Mike- thank you for your OOD duties.

The winner of the Taylor Trophy (first race of the season) will hopefully be decided tomorrow evening.



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With the season fast approaching…

•Owners: Do you need crew?

•Crews: Are you free to crew?

•All: Do you know of any non-members who would like to crew?

If so please contact your Crew Representative: Stephen Fry

on WhatsApp or stretch172@gmail.com

Currently, I have two crew looking to sail.