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Race report from Tuesday 4th May 2021

With one of the crew from Z71 checking and squeaking at Bramblemet and Windguru from lunch time, even seeing the Hovercraft be cancelled, they were secretly hoping Z57 (OOD) would cancel early in time for a trip to the pub. However, this was not the case… the wind didn’t die off (much!) and the 5.45pm trip across to Victory Village lingered ever closer.

Down at the point there was a hubbub of sailors looking over the wall and out of the harbour to see if the conditions were sailable. In the end Z80, Z75 and Z71 decided to brave it, with Z57 (Janet, Stretch and Baby Stretch- Ben) and Sid on Galadriel as OOD.

The wind was shifting around but settled on a gusty Westerly 20-28kts, Haslar wall providing some relief from the wind and flattening the sea.

A course was set: PSC p - Laid Mark p - Gate FIVE LAPS!!!

The three boats lined up for the start with Z80 and Z71 (the only wooden boat out) starting at the pin end on port, Z75 flew down the line on starboard and made it in front of the other two. It was then a short beat to PSC, Z75 made it around first followed by Z71 and then Z80. Spinnakers flew out their bags and on Z71 the ‘Cowes Week heavy wind protocol’ was adopted. Z75, in the lead but not by much, felt the pressure from Z71 and struggled to get their kite to fly.

At the first leeward mark positions stayed the same, Z80 and Z71 hunting down Z75.

Now the rest of the laps blurred together but at the leeward mark on lap 3 or 4, Z71 made the silly decision to tack out of Z75s dirty air, leaving the race course open for Z80 to move into second. Z71 also suffered a minor mechanical; the mainsheet had double backed through the block meaning Gareth was fully sheeted on and couldn’t ease through the >25kt gusts until crew Munch untangled the snake pit.

The five laps were short, sweet and a lot of fun with the finish gun going off after just 48 mins for Z75. A perfect way to dust off the cobwebs !

The final results were-

Z75 Nick, Ian and Jim D

Z80 Russel, Salty and Richard

Z71 Gareth, Munch and Zoe

There are two races left in the 1st Tuesday series with Z75 and Z80 currently in the lead, does anyone fancy taking them on?!

Thanks to the OODs for braving it on Galadriel (although you do have a cabin!) The next race is tomorrow for the 1st Thursday series.

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Ben Fry

​A selection of photograph’s taken by Ben Fry.

Belated race report from Saturday 1st May 2021

With Big Lizzie the aircraft carrier causing chaos in the harbour entrance it was decided that racing would commence up harbour with Z69, Scam and Max, as OOD and gate boat.

It was due to be a showery, light wind day, but it ended up becoming a torrential downpour with the wind changing direction, dying and then filling in with some stronger puffs at times. There was a strong flood tide pulling the five Victories up to Fareham.

The course was set: Start at V3 - W1(p) - A2(p) - Z1(p) - P(p) - Z1(s) - W3(p) - Finish at B1

Z69 opened the gate and went right up the first beat making their way towards the Hardway moorings with most of the fleet except Z68 who went left. After a short first beat at the first windward (W1) Z68s gamble paid off and they were in the lead flying their spinnaker to A2. Z71 narrowly missed out on making it around the mark but had to put in two extra tacks which mean Z69 snuck in slingshotted themselves towards Z68.

With Z69 and Z71 set on hunting down Z68, Z53 and Z73 were battling in light airs and strong tide through the moorings. The next leg was up to Z1 and then around the corner up to Portchester to find P. Z68 was overtaken by Z69 and Z71, Z71 decided to fly their spinnaker for a short reach whilst Z69 were having mechanical issues onboard.

Around P, Z69 was still in the lead and trying to pull away whilst Z71 took care of their soggy third crew member they were slightly distracted and Z68 closed the gap on them. Around Z1 and then a short leg with the spinnaker to W3, drop, and then head for the finish at B1. It was still close between the front three boats but Z69 sailed well and finished first.

Thankfully the rain had cleared and the sun came out whilst we waited for Big Lizzie to leave the harbour. Gareth acquired some refreshments which were handed out in celebration of a great race up harbour.

Thank you to Z69 for OOD duties, thanks to Z68 (John and Bill) for ferry duties. One quick pint was had in the PSC Boomyard before drying off from a wet, cold but fun day on the water!

Z71 did find an excellent way of stowing children (or inebriated crew!)

1st Z69 Scam and Max

2nd Z71 Gareth, Archie and Zoe

3rd Z68 John and Bill

4th Z53 Steve and Ron

5th Z73 Munch and MC

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Carrying on with the trend of belated race reports with one from the 18/04/21

Many a worried sailor was sat on the boom yard wall on Saturday afternoon, remembering Prince Phillip, drinking too much Guinness and wondering if the breeze would be as good for the decider of the Covid Cup. They shouldn’t have worried as they was a fresh but decreasing breeze southerly blowing well and creating a lovely chop.

The 4 boats out for the Covid cup soon became three when a rouge harbour entrance wave put end to Z70 outboard. Z69 volunteered to be gate boat and set a windward leeward course between Gleeds and the temporary Suffolk sails ( QHM in possession of the real one again) with a start at KB.

James Jopling completed his first ever gate start and Jim Downing nearly fluffed his by getting very close to the towed fender. Z75 shot off up the first beat followed by z69 and Z67. Much stayed the same for the first lap, but things got slightly interesting in the 2nd. Z67 held Z69 high forcing them to tack. Z67 decided to then sail into every header and lull possible and Z69 were nicely ahead by the end of the 2nd round. Z75 still somewhere in the distance. Z67 banged hard right into a lift on the third beat and clawed back some distance on 69 with both boats going around Gleeds for the final time together. Z69 did more tacks and gybes then necessary at Gleeds and z67 snuck through. Final run and not much changed. The final results on the water were Z75, Z67 and Z69. More Guiness was consumed after racing.

Well done to Team Zilch for winning the first and hopefully last ever Covid Cup.

Thanks Munch for the race report!

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Another belated race report from 15/4/21

Thursday night and the second installment of the Covid Cup, only three boats made it to the start line Z75, Z67 and Z74.

OOD was Sid, thank you again!

There was more breeze than expected, 8-10 kts from the NE. The course was a simple windward-leeward with Z67 leading around the first mark.

The final results were -




It was all to play for in the Covid Cup, who would win on Sunday?

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13/04/2021 Belated race report from the first Victory race of the 2021 season-

In an epic feat of organisation and hard work with such limited time, a fleet of Victories made it to the start line for the first of three races in the Covid Cup, a 2021 special series, and the Taylor Trophy.

OOD was Sid with help from Jim and Clive.

There was a brief postponement but the course was set-

Line (PSC to Galadriel)


Laid mark (in the vicinity of 2 Bar)

Gate x2

It was a beautiful evening and perfect conditions to remember how to sail a Victory! A south westerly wind of 12 kts decreasing to 5 or so as the sun set. The start was at low water with a strong tide along the wall.

After just managing to complete both laps before the wind and sunlight died, the race was well fought but Z74 won, closely followed by Z80. We rushed back to the Camber in time for last orders at the Bridge Tavern.

Thank you to the OODs for a great welcome back to racing. A strong turnout to the 2021 season but with a few boats still on dry land the fleet is looking very competitive and eager to make up for the lost races in 2020.

The full results-








Z73 (ret)

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OOD Webinar recording

​You can watch a recording of Billy Wyatt’s informative OOD training webinar here

Zoom Recording

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Covid Risk Assessment, Boat Moves and Working in the Yard

​All members who use the yard are required to read and sign the Class risk assessments in relation to Covid. Please do so here

If you require further help or have any comments please contact Ian Perryman

Carbon Spinnaker Pole

​Carbon fibre spinnaker pole; 100% Carbon fibre with 2x2 twill outer layer; 1981mm overall length incl end fittings; 38mm OD; Selden end fittings.

Made bespoke for the Victory Class and a bargain at £225.

​You know you want one and you know your crew wants one even more!

Not only do these look beautiful but because they are lighter they hurt much less when dropped on your head or poked into your eye socket.

Please let Gareth know if you’d like one.

Victory Racing Mark Sponsorship

Would you like to see your name or company name on one of our racing marks located in the eastern Solent?

Marks could be a dedicated to a loved one, a birthday gift or a company promotion. All our racing marks are in close vicinity to Portsmouth harbour entry, marked on relevant Solent Charts and in the nautical almanacs.

For sponsoring a mark you will get a yellow racing mark with your name (and logo) printed in black. The mark is lifted every December and re-laid in March after winter maintenance to smarten it up.

Marks are available to sponsor now and for future seasons. A range of sponsorship terms are available so please contactour Class Secretary to discuss via email:

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