1. 90th Year Anniversary Weekend

    Thu 27 Jun 2024 to Sat 29 Jun 2024
  2. Visitor Race - 2024

    Tue 2 Jul 2024
  3. Cowes Classic Race Day

    Wed 10 Jul 2024
  4. Cowes Week

    Sat 27 Jul 2024 to Sat 3 Aug 2024
  5. 90th year Prize Giving at the Mary Rose Museum

    Sat 23 Nov 2024

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90th Weekend to Seaview and Bembridge

The passage race weekend will take place from Friday 28 June to Sunday 30 June.

This is one of the key events to celebrate our 90th year, the weekend will consist of up to 5 races and 2 socials. The formal one of the socials will take place on Saturday 29 June at Bembridge Sailing Club. This event is open to all Class Members, past and present. Plus members from Portsmouth Sailing Club.

See the timetable for the weekend below

The poster contains all the detail, any questions please contact Matt Salt (Class Captain) on 07931252465.

The NoR for the weekend can be found on the EWCC website here

There is a general Q&A sheet on the website here - this list is not exhaustive, so if you have other questions please speak to Matt, who can update the list

Zoe Whittaker’s avatar 06-Jun-2024 By Zoe Whittaker in Sailing & racing

Saturday 1st June Race Report – Thirty Shilling Race

It was a historic race – commemorating the very first victory race, 90 years ago.

With the promise of a special prize of 30 shillings we anticipated a strong showing from the class.

However, the wind was rather brisk, gusting 28 knots and may have deterred a few potential competitors. Four hardy boats showed up in the start area , Z54, Z67, Z75 and Z78. Z78 volunteered to be gate boat and set a course from KB, SS(s), red post (p), SS(s), GL(p), SS finish.

Z78 as gate boat gained a slight advantage on the first leg to Suffolk Sails with a 15-boat length lead.
The rest of the fleet were nip and tuck with Z54 rounding ahead of Z75, closely followed by Z67. The long
spinnaker leg to the red post on Ryde Sands started with the fleet all on port gybe but with the east going tide the fleet gybed onto starboard only to encounter a couple of tankers crossing the Solent on the fleet’s trackline to the red post. As the fleet neared the red post, a guard ship was drifting in the vicinity making it difficult for Z78, the lead boat to find a clear route to the mark. Z78 rounded first, having maintained their lead of 15 boat lengths. Z75 had gained second place having gybed slightly earlier than Z54. Z67 were in close pursuit of Z54’s stern.

Z78 led the fleet northeast towards Horse Sand Fort but Z54 had other ideas and tacked to head north west hoping to get a “lee bow” effect from the east-going tide. Z75 followed suit going westwards across the Solent. Meanwhile, Z67 continued to follow Z78. The shifty conditions allowed boats to take shifts en route to Suffolk

Sails but with such a huge split between the two pairs, who was going to emerge the victor? Z54 had taken the lead in the west going pair. On the eastern side of the course Z78 were extending from Z67 (who appeared to be heading to France) As the boats converged on Suffolk Sails, Z75 and Z54 had managed to reduce Z78’s lead. At the mark Z78 squeezed around in front of Z75 with Z54 close behind. In the
distance Z67 were returning from the Nab Tower. A short run to Gleeds, Z75 trying a new regime during the gybes, which inadvertently involved uncleating the halyard. This allowed Z78 to extend their lead by a couple of boat lengths.

The final beat to Suffolk Sails, the 30 shillings almost in Jimmy’s back pocket… but Z75 tacked first, maybe providing some leverage in the shifty northerly conditions. Z78 continued further towards the main channel before tacking with Z54 following. Z75 experienced a slight lift allowing them to close the distance and cross the line ahead of Z78 with Z54 third. Finishing some time later, Z67. A very hard-fought race under tricky conditions, worthy of a celebration of ninety years of victory sailing. The winning skipper, delighted with his £1.50 winnings treated all competitors to a much needed and well-earned drink!


Scam’s avatar 03-Jun-2024 By Scam in

Race Report: Helmsmans Cup 4 18th May. The very best of very little!

You might think that Saturday racing in the Victory Class is a bit low key, a Saturday afternoon stroll with tea and cake. Oh boy would you be wrong. Case in point this Saturday 18th May, Helmsmans Cup 4. At least no rain in the forecast for once, but no wind either, 4 – 8 knots or less from all points of the compass, with the only common theme across the weather forecasts being ‘not much’. Nonetheless, it was the decider for the series, and with 3 boats in the frame to take the trophy it was going to be a hard fought afternoon regardless! Only a point between Z75, Z70 and Z54. The three of us were delighted to be joined by Z68, sailed by ‘The Hartleys’ this fine afternoon, and with a tiller now helpfully reattached to the rudder.

Photo: MC. (p.s yes it is 75 and not 69 really!)

Course selection was frankly tricky, with little wind in places on the race track and swings from south east to south west as gate boat Z54 scratched their collective heads just outside the harbour entrance. Dare we go far afield? Clearly not… even BT and Gleeds, out in a solid east going tide, were fraught with potential disaster and the chance to be very late back to the bar. So then, start at PSC, to KB, Suffolk Sails, PSC, Suffolk Sails, PSC, and finish at Suffolk Sails…plenty of scope to shorten.

The wind was light at the start but with a bit of concentration it was just possible to get a respectable ‘gate’ sailed. Z75 was keen and the first one out of the gate, while 70 and 68 held on to go a little later. Come on, come on…….the third boat cleared the gate at 1 minute 50 seconds and Z54 was pleased to be free to tack out towards KB… and out into the east going that was set to push them away from the buoy. It was the same for everyone of course, and 75 crossed ahead of 54, as the wind held just enough to allow progress against the tide. It seemed to take a while, but 75 slipped round the buoy with 54 following, several lengths behind already. Spinnakers up for a very slow run back towards Suffolk Sails….

A look behind as we approached the downwind mark revealed a sad sight, the wind having deserted 68 and 70 somewhat before rounding KB, and a large gap had opened up between the first pair of boats and the second pair.

At the front 75 had some half a dozen lengths on 54 as we started back up the beat. Where was the wind? 54 took an earlier tack for the wall, where what there was of the breeze seemed to be clinging to the granite. 75 followed, but as the lay line for PSC approached 54 had edged ahead while closing the gap to windward. What would 75 do, tack on the lee bow of course, could we roll him, could he lay the mark? No and yes respectively, and 75 rounded PSC with a couple of boat lengths clear from 54. It was getting closer, although behind us we could see that Z70 was having no luck with the fickle breeze and 68 was opening the gap..

Down the run to Suffolk Sails again. At the mark 54 was on 75’s transom, but a better rounding saw her pull away again. Once again 54 tacked first for the wall. The wind had other ideas, as we headed south west it started to swing south, then south east. 75 and 54 both lifted. Now we were both overlaying PSC. Sails were eased, could 54 to leeward power out and break the overlap before the buoy. No again! Now neck and neck at the buoy 75 had control to get the tack in first and round on the inside. Feet only between us….

Now the run to the finish at Suffolk sails.. but its no longer a run of course… the wind is almost from the East. 75 takes a decision not to hoist, 54 hoists and foots off under 75 with Heather hanging on grimly to a tightly sheeted spinnaker! Picking up pace… 75 looking worried…half way to the line ..is he going to hoist?… he is going to hoist.. there it goes. With 75 briefly distracted 54 sheets harder and climbs across 75’s transom. Clear to windward, line bias in 54’s favour now, but can she gain the couple of boat lengths needed. 75 footing off for speed.. its close, its very close, its half a boat length…

To be honest, with no one on the line, both boats likely felt they had the win, but 75 certainly had the benefit of the doubt, to take the race and the Helmsmans Cup. Congratulations on a great race and series to Z75, and a great race and series for the Victory Class, half a boat length and 49 years of boat age separating the first two boats shows the best of the one design racing that the class offers.

A very honourable mention for Z70, MC and Matt cruelly abandoned by the wind gods on this occasion having had some great results in the first 3 races of the series….. next time….!

Thursday 16th May

Weather- easterly force 2 and dying, overcast

Tide - outgoing

OOD - Z78, Jim D and Stretch

Course - start at laid mark near PSC - Gleeds p - PSC p - Laid Mark p - PSC p - Laid Mark p - PSC - finish at laid mark

At the start 80, 74, 77, 54, 75 all start mid or pin end of the line

67 to windward of the fleet with 70,48 and 9 on the second row. The game was clean air and decent lane to the windward, which meant a few tacks leading to boats trading places with boats making gains in different places.

On the first beat 77 and 67 went right before a big left hand swing meant that they made big gains. 77 tacked off leaving 67 on the right alone with 74 slightly above on the way to Gleeds. The rest duly followed.

67 rounded just a couple of boat lengths ahead of 74, 54 and the fleet followed.

The committee made the wise decision to shorten the course as the first beat took 50 minutes, finishing between PSC and Sapristi. 74 and 67 traded places during gybes downwind, 54 and the following pack gained slightly. 67 misread the tide and 74 got an advantage through a gybe. 67 went on the hunt with tight cover, feathering to 74 in the zephyrs as they floated downwind.

With two boat lengths to go at the finish, 74 tried gybing for the line but couldn’t clear 67 who were on starboard, this resulted in penalty turns and 67 took the gun.

The final results -










Debut races of the season for both 48 and 9!

Thanks to the race officers, see you on the water soon

Joppers, Z67

Zoe Whittaker’s avatar 18-May-2024 By Zoe Whittaker in Sailing & racing

Thursday 9th May

Thursday S1, R4, the view from Sapristi

Faced with a light easterly breeze threatening to drop further, Scam, the OOD set station by PSC and dropped a windward mark a third of the way to Linington and set a modest course to ensure a full race could be completed before sunset. WLM(p) PSC(p) WLM(p) PSC(s) SS(fin) 6 boats contested a close start, the majority selecting pin end, Z74 leading the pack. Meanwhile, starting nearest the committee boat, Z54 elected to tack off after the start into the east going tide. The main fleet pack eventually tacked onto port but by this time Z54 had taken the lead to the first mark. Pursued by Z74 and Z78. Only 10 minutes before kites were popping up, clearly the breeze was holding. Fearful the race would be too short, the OOD decided the pull the laid mark to extend the distance from PSC. At the leeward mark Z54 had surrendered the lead to Z74 with Z78 following hot on their heels. Z74 and Z54 continued on port tack for main channel tide, but what’s this? Z78 tack, had they spotted more breeze? Due to the decreased wind strength the race committee decided on a change of course. With a radio announcement, flag Charlie flying and (deafening) continuous sound signals the course was revised to remove the second rounding of PSC and proceed direct from WLM to SS finish. Lo and behold, Z78 takes the change of course first, comfortably in the lead. Perhaps there was an increase in breeze on the northern side of the course? Z74 rounded the laid mark second, followed by Z54. Z77 followed in fourth place with an interesting kite hoist. Z67 following behind were more slick on the hoist but didn’t manage to catch Z77. The next dilemma for the race committee was how to get to the finish in time for the leaders when they still had to wait for Z80 to round the laid mark, somewhat adrift from the rest of the fleet. Perhaps an ideal time break out the Whisky flag? Let’s try all the flags available in the box! However, there was a sufficiently good view of the finishers at SS from our vantage point by the laid mark.

Final positions: 78, 74, 54, 77, 67, 80.

Thanks to our new race assistants Jed and Gabriella.

Max, Z75

Zoe Whittaker’s avatar 10-May-2024 By Zoe Whittaker in Sailing & racing

Tuesday 7th May

A race report in limerick form for Tuesday 7th May

There once was a race on a Tuesday,

With boats lining up, oh so sprucely.

But the course proved too long,

Only five boats stayed strong,

And Z79 claimed the win, oh so boldly!

The sun beamed its warmth from on high,

But the wind barely whispered a sigh.

Yet they sailed with great cheer,

Till the sunset drew near,

Painting skies with a vibrant goodbye!

Salty, Z70

Zoe Whittaker’s avatar 10-May-2024 By Zoe Whittaker in Sailing & racing

Key Dates for 2024

Key Dates for 2024

Zoe Whittaker’s avatar 26-Apr-2024 By Zoe Whittaker in Sailing & racing

The Season Opener - 90th year

​Many thanks to hosts Carole and Duncan and the hardworking social committee for the first social event of our 90th Year.. a great evening! (With a birthday cake for the class captain!)

Geoff Dixon’s avatar 20-Apr-2024 By Geoff Dixon in Social

Season Opener 2024

The details of the season opener are here!

Zoe Whittaker’s avatar 20-Mar-2024 By Zoe Whittaker in Social

Victorys at Victory….

​Many thanks to Lead Shipwright Jimmy Green of the National Museum of the Royal Navy, for inviting the class to see just what’s involved in the latest refurbishment project for HMS Victory as it aims to secure the future of one of the most celebrated warships in Britain’s naval history.

If we sometimes feel challenged by our own older wooden Victory boats, when you get to a vessel that is 186ft long, 2162 tons, that was launched in 1765 you get a very different sense of perspective!

Geoff Dixon’s avatar 17-Jan-2024 By Geoff Dixon in Social