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Gareth Penn’s avatar 05-Aug-2020 By Gareth Penn in Sailing & racing

A Quick Reminder from QHM

Entering, Exiting and Crossing Portsmouth Harbour

“​It is great to see the Victory’s out and also other keel boats. I note that some keelboats are sailing into/out of/transiting across the harbour without an engine, which is naturally frowned up by this office, in particular when the Wightlink ferries are in the Camber!

I also note that we see the Victory’s and other keelboat type sailing vessels, sail close the Fort Blockhouse wall, making their journey shorter and sometimes cheating

the tide, especially when they are inbound. This is against the traffic flow and the General Direction 2/17. BC Outer should be left to port inbound and outbound when using the Inner Swashway. I mention this as this south western corner at Fort Block house is effectively a blind bend if BC Outer is not left to port.

Currently we have seen a large increase in recreational traffic in the harbour, some perhaps wont have visited before and will have done their homework in case of the Small Boat Channel. Some may be locals, some may be visiting yachts, some might be charter vessels. They will all be surprised to see keelboats sailing along that wall, against the traffic flow. We very much rely on the local’s to lead by example in traffic management. I ask the users of these type of vessels to be mindful of their actions in such busy times and peak periods.

Thank you for

your help with this matter.

With kind regards”

Sid Dollery’s avatar 29-Jul-2020 By Sid Dollery in Sailing & racing

Taylor Trophy Race 21/07/2020

​Please note Sailing Instructions and Risk Assessment for 2020 Taylor Trophy are now available on Racing Docs Page https://victoryclass.org.uk/racing#docs

Sid Dollery’s avatar 19-Jul-2020 By Sid Dollery in Sailing & racing

Z67 For Sale

​Z67, Zircon, is looking for a new owner! Following some fairly major work carried out by the previous owner this boat is now race ready and would be a great option for someone looking for a competitive boat. She comes with sails and an outboard.

​Z67 is now owned by the Class so we’re looking for the right person / syndicate to take her on and race her regularly.

Cost: The right owner is more important that the cost so please get in touch.

For further details please contact Gareth Penn at gareth@goodsalonguide.com

Gareth Penn’s avatar 02-Apr-2020 By Gareth Penn in For sale

Things to fill the time

​Thanks to John Tremlett for sharing this idea from XOD Class Secretary Gill Smith.

I’m sure we could do the same here with Victory Class stories, history etc. And you are of course welcome to look at the XOD site and see what they are producing.

If you have something worth posting I’m happy to put it up on the website here if you do not have access yourself. Lets keep it to Victory / Sailing related articles, pictures and stories however.

The XOD News Link is http://www.xonedesign.org.uk/news/

Geoff Dixon’s avatar 27-Mar-2020 By Geoff Dixon in Sailing & racing, Social

Social Events 2020

Social events coming up this year, season opener details to be announced shortly

Zoe Whittaker’s avatar 20-Jan-2020 By Zoe Whittaker in Social

Class Prizegiving 2019

Happy People at last nights Victory Class prize giving. Many thanks to all those involved in organising a great evening!

The team from Zelia very happy with their Cowes Week Trophies!
John Scammell receives the Captain's Decanter for Services to the Class
Zoe Whittaker with the Don Metcalf Memorial trophy for her work for the class.
Liz thanked for her time as Class Captain at her last prizegiving in the role.
Kim Taylor and the crew of Zest also had a lot to be happy about!
Geoff Dixon’s avatar 17-Nov-2019 By Geoff Dixon in Sailing & racing, Social

​For Sale – Half Share in Z72 Zingara - £4995.00

​​Zingara was built in 1990 and was the last of the prestigious wooden Perry victories to have been built. Zingara is in excellent condition and has been fitted out to a high standard. The sails are still competitive but are getting on a bit, so the boat would benefit from a new suit at some time in the future. She comes complete with trolley, outboard and tender although the latter is subject to separate agreement. Interested parties should contact Sid Dollery 07740 774731 or Andrew Thomas 07831 865093.

Gareth Penn’s avatar 10-Jul-2019 By Gareth Penn in For sale

Billy Mulvin (23.12.1935 - 2.06.2019)

​​ Many of you will already have heard the sad news that Billy Mulvin passed away last weekend. Billy was a long standing member of the Class sailing on Shearwater for over forty years.

He was brought up in Dublin and moved to the UK in his early 20s having graduated from the Dental School at Trinity College and set up home in Cosham with his late wife, Sheila. He was a passionate sportsman playing rugby for Portsmouth as well as being selected for Hampshire. Retiring from rugby he sailed with his old team mates, Ian Mead and Ged Grieve in Shearwater for nearly fifty years. Billy brought his ‘work-hard’ ‘play-hard’ approach to sailing, especially Cowes Week. As well as loving the racing at Cowes, Billy fully embraced the social side where the trio were early adopters of the Royal Corinthian for the week, a legacy that lives on with the Class to this day. Many of you will recall the late night games of ‘Bomber Command’. This always culminated in a port engine fire having to be put out by a soda syphon. The port engine was usually an X-Boat sailor! How Billy and his team mates ever sailed the next day remains a mystery to many.

Despite their ’tiredness’ the following day they often found themselves with a gun. Their success was in no small part due to Billy’s trimming skills and strength on the long spinnaker legs which remain a feature at Cowes. Upwind Billy was adept at keeping his cigarette alight in all weathers. He even managed to keep the ember burning on his Marlboro one day after falling into the Camber!

Aside from the Victory Class, Billy sailed in a number of IOR boats over the years including with Adlard Coles whose books many of you will have read. Billy was unfortunate to be the first person to be rescued in the tragic 1979 Fastnet Race while sailing with fellow PSC member, Tony Lloyd. Their boat, Camargue, capsized in heavy seas in the St George’s Channel. Many will have seen the news footage of the crew being winched into the Culdrose helicopter and Billy’s subsequent appearance on ‘This is your Life’!

Billy was a life-long sportsman playing golf and squash. The latter probably longer than was sensible. He also had many interests which included history and archaeology and was a volunteer for the Probation Service.

Billy leaves children Siobhan, Neil and Jo. His funeral is at 11am on Thursday 13th June at St Thomas’s Roman Catholic Church in Emsworth and afterwards at the Slipper Sailing Club.

Russell Mead

Gareth Penn’s avatar 10-Jun-2019 By Gareth Penn in

​Tuesday 7th May Race Report

​A strange wind direction…. north easterly led officer of the day Ron Fidler (Z53) to set course 16… i think everyone needed to check their course cards as its a rarely (ever?) used course! So to remind you-

Wall start


VW s

KB s


SS (suffolk sails) s

VW s


Finish at SS

Boats on the startline were 57, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 78, 80, unfortunately Z68 broke their tiller and didn’t start the race. The first leg was a reach to PSC, the majority of the fleet started at the Suffolk Sails end of the line with their spinnakers up.

The fleet split at PSC with Z75 leading the pack towards the Isle of Wight, whilst Z57 took a gaggle of Victorys to the edge of the channel. The wind was gusty with a sea state reminiscent of Cowes week, if only it was a little warmer!

Z75 led around the first windward mark (VW) down the gybe mark (KB) followed swiftly by Z71 and Z76. Kites had to be dropped at PSC for the very tight reach/near beat to PSC.

Z75 continued their lead at Suffolk Sails and up to Vail Williams for a second time, whilst the rest of the pack fought for the other places.

Downwind from VW to PSC there were a few gybe battles to try and gain places, however coming into PSC Z76 pipped Z71 followed by Z57 sneaking in before the finish.

Take home from the race- when in doubt definitely put you jacket on, the waves are wetter than they look …

The results-

Z75, 76, 57, 71, 70, 80, 78, 74. Congrats to Z75 on their win!

Thank you to OOD Ron Fidler.

The next race is tonight, Thursday 9th May and then Saturday 11th May. See you on the water!

Zoe, Z71

Zoe Whittaker’s avatar 09-May-2019 By Zoe Whittaker in