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​Race report from Thursday 19th July

For the last two races in the multi-series we must've all forgotten to do a wind dance as we were graced with less than 5 knots of breeze. 

Whilst OOD Ian Perryman (Z75) set the windward mark, the optimistic crew of Z71 decided PSC would make a great mooring buoy and parked up before the rest of the fleet joined us in a 5 boat tether (see photos.. )

Unfortunately the OOD decided to spoil all the fun and assured us that they would be commencing racing at 1900hrs, sails went up very quickly!!

​The optimistic course was set-

Laid mark P



Finish at PSC

With strong tide and light wind the start was tricky, Z71 was slightly late for the start and Gareth decided that a spinnaker hoist was needed to get us to the line... but we were going upwind.... ! This tactic worked and the line was crossed by all Victories in a tight group. Now for the rest of the leg i had my head below the combing so i'm not too sure on what happened, i can report that there was still not much breeze but the tide was taking us up (and past) the laid mark, with Jimmy exclaiming to Gareth on several occasions "you do know its round to port?"

We made it in first position and hoisted the spinnaker, but alas there was very little breeze and we slowly drifted back towards the line whilst some of the rest of the fleet struggled to get around the windward, there was a pile up and everyone stalled.

Thankfully the OOD decided to shorten the course and we were finishing at PSC, there were a few puffs of breeze and spinnakers were filling allowing the fleet to spread out and find some air!

Holding our breaths, Z71 crossed the line after a 35 minute drift.

The results of the first race-

1st Z71

2nd Z78

3rd Z77

4th Z57

5th Z54

6th Z74

7th Z68

8th Z70

For the second race of the evening the breeze had built to a steady 5-6kts and Ian set the same course again. Everyone was a little early to the start, Z57 was over but went back, quickly making up the loss on the first beat.

Heading up to the windward mark Z78 and Z74 lead most of the way. The fleet were very close around the laid mark, Z71 made it round with Z57 who just touched the mark. After doing their turns Janet and Stretch gybed off to the Island and tried something different to make it up again.

Coming into KB Z74 rounded first with Z78 forcing Z71 around them. The tide had eased and there was a (relatively) quick beat up to KB and then to the finish. Z74 and Z78 were well ahead but the rest of the fleet had condensed with Z57 made up the distance and nearly caught up Z71, Z70 and Z68 with us all spread out trying to finish before eachother!

The results from the second race-

1st Z78

2nd Z74

3rd Z68

4th Z71

5th Z70

6th Z57

7th Z77


Thank you to OOD Ian!

The results from the multi series for the Zarena trophy-

1st Z78

2nd Z71

3rd Z57

4th Z75

5th Z70

6th Z54

7th Z77

8th Z74 

9th Z68

10th Z76

11th Z69

12th Z58

13th Z53

14th Z48

Congratulations to Jim and Sid for winning the multi series!!!

Our next race will be tomorrow (Saturday 21st) for the Feltham Trophy. Rosina leaving at 12.45

See you on the water!

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​Double race report from Thursday and Saturday…. Ta-Dah!!

Thursday nights race - a very square line and a port hand flyer.

OOD was from Tom and Duncan, they set a superb line off Alfie. The course was set-

Gleeds p

KB p

Gleeds P

Line - Finish

At the committee boat end of the line there was a pile up and lots of boats were early and had to come back again, Kim Taylor went for the port hand flyer on Z76 and nailed it!

The fleet set off for Gleeds with boats spread across the race area. Z76, Z70, Z71 and Z57 were in the front pack heading along the wall. Z71 came out of the pack in the lead as Z76 tacked off followed by Z57 and Z70.

Z71 nearly overstood Gleeds (we even set the spinnaker pole briefly) but right to left tide taking us onto the windward mark meant we just made it round in first position followed by Z57 and then the rest of the fleet.

The committee boat decided to shorten the course due to the lightening breeze, the race was to finish at Alfie. If was then a sprint to the finish!!

Final results from the first 3rd Thursday race-

1st Z71

2nd Z57

3rd Z78

4th Z76

5th Z70

6th Z68

7th Z54

8th Z48

9th Z58

Thanks to Tom and Duncan on Z74 for some great racing!

Onto Saturdays report-

Z71 wouldn't normally be out twice in a week but we had some Cowes Week training planned.

Gareth, Stretch and myself were dutifully volunteered to be gate boat, setting a course which required actual navigation!!

Start at Alfie

Spit Elbow s

KB p

Mary Rose p

Gleeds p

Mary Rose p

KP s

Line- Finish

Z69 went for the far end of the gate with Z70, Z78 crossing closer to Alfie. Z71 tacked back once the gate had closed and the fleet headed up the edge of the channel until 2 Bar, where we are allowed to race in the channel, the strongest tide was in the deep water of the channel and the whole fleet headed up past the nav aids to Spit Elbow. Close racing with lots of gains and losses up the first beat, but Z71 just pipped the rest of the fleet and rounded the windward mark in the lead.

The downwind leg to KB was fairly uneventful, Z69 and Z78 enjoyed a little tussle. Rounding KB the fleet stood on for a little before tacking off, except Z78 who wanted to try something different and nearly ended up going to Ryde!

Up to Mary Rose the fleet still stayed close together, with Z78 looking like they might've made gains. Rounding Mary Rose Z71 was in the lead with Z70, Z78 and Z69 following. With a short loop to Gleeds and then back up to Mary Rose, the standing didn't change. It was now downwind to KB and reaching to Alfie.

Z71 finished exactly 1 minute ahead of Z78 who fought hard to overtake Z70 and then Z69.

The final race was to the bar, flying our spinnakers into the harbour in the back eddy- because why not, the fleet gathered at the Mary Mouse for a cool beer in the sunshine.

Thanks to all four boats for some great racing and perfect racing conditions, what a way to spend a Saturday!!!

The next Victory Class race is tomorrow night and it is the Pursuit race, please see the sailing instructions online for your start time. 

Thursday night, Z57 flying spinnaker just after the race
Thursday night, view from Z71 of the fleet
Saturday afternoon, Z71 after race
Saturday afternoon, Z71 flying their spinnaker into the harbour
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Prize giving 2017 Photos

​A selection of photos taken by Geoff Dixon at the Victory Class Prize giving 


​​Z79 offers aunique opportunity to enter the exciting world of Victory sailing with a brand new GRP boat fully fitted out for racing, including a full set of sails.

Provisionally called Zing – because of her lively performance in winning her test race – Z79 was recently built by David Heritage in Cowes.

Zing was commissioned by the Victory Class to ensure that a top class, racing-ready new Victory would be available to potential new owners wanting to get on the water without delay.

Zing was fully fitted out for racing by David Heritage and tuned and set up by Shaun Hopkins. She is fully compliant with the European Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). She has been tried and tested in the Victory Class course in one race, which she won decisively. Since then, Zing has been laid up and is being maintained to its build standard and is ready to sail immediately. 

There are only two photos of Z79 in existence, both of which are shown here, however she is built to identical standards as Z78 which is also pictured here and is available to view and test sail. 

Price £28,000

Viewing by appointment. Ring Hugh

Pringle on 07973 176501 or email