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Race report for Saturday 19th May

​A race full of 8’s

With many screws in houses that are reserved for the presidents shield empty this year the first race of the series was always due to be well supported, but when it’s also sunny with not a cloud in the sky, and blowing a good 12 ish from the east south east who wouldn’t want to go sailing? I jumped at the opportunity to sail with Mike and Geoff to Zelia rather than scraping the bottom of my boat ( the one with mace colour sails.....)

The tide was in full flood as we exited the harbour, with it whipping around the corner engines where necessary. But once out the silent was resplendent albeit slightly choppy seas. Z54 offered to be gate boat, but Z68 were happy to do the duties. A course was announced, and after input from the fleet a new course was announced-

PSC, Outerspit, RNC&RAYC, Gleeds, KB, Alfie (nearly all the Victory class marks, we did go near VW)

The sequence was started and then postponed to wait for the late running Z48 (welcome Mike) started again with some ...ish timings and eventually the race for under way, with all boats through the gate by 48 seconds. It wasn’t long into the beat that Geoff starting cursing the return of Z38 (welcome back Andrew) as he pointed higher and faster than Z54. The beat to OSB was tidal with the strong west going dragging us towards Hayling and the flood dragging any who ventured into the deep water approach channel back into the harbour.

The logic by the crew of Z54 was up the middle, so it was to some surprise when Z78 did a long beat south and then kept going a bit more. We were convinced that they had a different tidal atlas. Once clear of the forts Z38 also stuck a long one into the east, again going against our logic of up the middle. Unfortunately our logic wasn’t great as Z78 came rocketing in and passed just behind Z38 and infront of the rest of the fleet. The outbound Cross channel ferry caused some concern but the fleet were clear.

It was halfway up the beat that I realised that Z54 and Z70 were the odd ones out as every other boat ended in a 8. 38, 48, 68, 78 (with only Brian, Z58, missing we nearly had the whole set.

Crews retired to the lightship and enjoyed a few pints in the sun before heading there separate ways.

A cracking Saturday afternoon ( apart from my boats bottom)

Next race is in Tuesday for the second race in the Bishop Painting series and with guest sailmaker Dick Batt onboard Z77.

See you all on the water!

Written by Munch/Mark Briggs

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​Race report for Thursday 17th May

​Last night started with a short postponement whilst Rosina picked up an unknown late comer (Z68?), perfect conditions on the water with a gentle easterly (ish) and some chilly sunshine. Rosina was anchored off PSC Parhelion with the course set -

VW s 

KB p

GL p


Line to finish

There were nine boat for the first race in the 2nd Thursday series for the Puffin Trophy.

Pre-start Z77 had trouble with their main halyard (twice according to 'Munch) but the race started with no major events. 

On the start Z78 was squeezed out at by Z71 with everyone else having clear starts. The fleet were pretty close up to the top mark (VW) apart from Z68 who stuck it out on the channel side of the course and came around the windward in first place by a long way. Next boats round were Z76 and Z74 followed by Z77 sneaking infront of Z71, and then Z57 and Z70 pretty close behind.

.....Due to racing Z71 instead of surveying from Rosina, I cannot remember what happened in the middle part of the race, so we will pick the commentary back up heading from GL to PSC....

With Z68 smoking the extra special super fast cigarettes, the battle for second place was between Z76 and Z74 who seemed to be sailing eachother off to Cowes. Z77 and Z57 had a similar battle, with Z71 in the middle with lovely clear air!

Behind Z57 and Z77 we had Z70 close behind and then Z78 and Z54.

It seemed Z76 had won the battle to Cowes over Z74 and was in the lead for the reach to Alfie. Z71 had a clear rounding (with a beautiful kite drop...) whilst Z57 had gybing troubles leading to Z77 being let in around PSC.

Final results-

Z86 Bill and John

Z76 Kim and Julian

Z74 Tom, Duncan, Phil

Z71 Gareth, Jimmy and Zoe

Z77 Hugh, Munch and BAR guest Ben

Z57 Janet and Martyn

Z70 Liz, Matt and Al Murray

Z78 Jim and Sid

Z54 David, Mike and Vicki

Rumour has it that Jimmy has fitted a new B & G display (source unknown) to Rosina so that it now shows twice as much data to our lovely OODs. Thank you Jimmy!

Congrats Bill and John for a brilliantly sailed race. The OOD was Andrew Terry from Z38 (Minx), thank you very much for a great evenings race.

Our next race is on Saturday for the first race (of 5) in the Presidents Shield. Last week we had six boats out!! With glorious sunshine predicted why not come out for a sail?

See you on the water! 

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Batt Sails Evening

​Tuesday 22nd May, Batt Sails Evening

​Put a note in your diary to turn out for the second race of the 2nd Tuesday series on 22nd MAY.

There is a bottle of something alcoholic for the winner donated by Class Sailmaker Dick Batt!

Dick will be around after the race for any informal discussions you want to have about your sails.

Dick would also like to go sailing, so here is a great opportunity to have the sailmaker aboard to help you make the of those sails he cut for you. First come first served, please contact Geoff Dixon if you are interested in taking Dick out. He's been making sails since the 70's, is a Merlin Rocket and Squib national champion, and currently races an X Boat, Squib and Solo, so you might learn something.................

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Thursday 10th May race report

T​onight's race report-

In the last race in the Thursday Tankard Series seven boats braved the chilly southwesterly breeze. Officer of the day was from Geoff Dixon with (hindering) help from Mike Ellison and Zoe Whittaker.

Rosina was promptly anchored off KB and we set a course - Darling Associates P KB P RAYC & RNC P KB P PSC S Line/Alfie S PSC P Line to finish

After a short postponement for Z68 the start signal was in full swing until Papa became entangled during deployment. The start sequence was restarted all seven boats were off! Z76, Z57 and Z68 were OCS. Z76 and Z57 returned through the line and up to the windwaed mark.

After all the pre-start and start sequence excitement the OOD and his disciples decided it was time for a little refreshment (sausage rolls, grapes and pimms) before pulling up the anchor and watching the boats reach between KB and PSC.

The course was then shorted to finish at the line. The order of Victories at the finish was as follows-

Z74 Z69 Z57 Z78 Z76 Z70 Z68 (OCS)

The next Victory Class race is on Saturday at 1400 for the last points in the Helmsmans Cup Series. We look forward to seeing you on the water !

Zoe, Mike and Geoff

Ps- Rosina has run out of chalk, any donations welcome...

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Thursday 26th April race report

​A breezy day challenged substitute race officers Munch and Zoe, with gusts of over 25 knots recorded it was decided that we would race in the harbour.

Sid (sailing on Z78) had an epically long journey from Hayling Island so Rosina left the Camber slighty delayed at 18.15. After leaving Z78s crew in Haslar, Briggs and Whittaker motored the fine vessel Rosina up the harbour and into Portchester creek, finally setting up station moored to one of the Squib buoys. With a good SW breeze of about 16 knots, gusting 20 knots, course was set which consisted of two windward - leeward sausages in Portchester creek followed by a beat to Z1, a fetch to W1 and finishing at B4.

The sequence started 6 minutes late mainly due to the aforementioned epically long journey. All three Victories looked perplexed (apart from being up harbour) in trying to find B60. However,when the start gun went off they had found the windward, Z54 was so far over the line they were nearly at Hardway Sailing Club!! Begrudgingly Z54 returned to the correct side of the line and all three boats shot off to the windward mark tacking up the channel to stay out of the tide. The order around the first mark was as follows- Z78 Z74 and Z54 with the fleet compressing significantly on the next loop. Leaving the race all to play for. 

Tacking up to Z1, Geoff Dixon helming Z54 pulled a blinder and nailed the layline coming out ahead, whilst Z78 and Z74 seemed to be sailing eachother off. Jim Downing on Z78 found a back eddy and nearly caught Z54, but they maintained their lead around W1 and fetched toward the line. Z78 and Z74 locked horns to fight out the final fetch. Tom Hartridge helming Z74 narrowly missing out on second place by approximately 20 seconds despite trying an optimistic kite hoist on the final leg.

Final results 

1st Z54 sailed by Geoff Dixon, David Price and Mike Ellison

2nd Z78 sailed by Jim Downing, Sid Dollery and James Jopling 

3rd Z74 sailed by Tom Hartridge, Duncan Evans and Phil Parnell

An epic evening had by all to complete the first Thursday race of the season. Although another 20 degreess would've been nice !!

The next Victory Class race is on Saturday at 14.00.

Briggs and Whittaker,


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Prize giving 2017 Photos

​A selection of photos taken by Geoff Dixon at the Victory Class Prize giving 


​​Z79 offers aunique opportunity to enter the exciting world of Victory sailing with a brand new GRP boat fully fitted out for racing, including a full set of sails.

Provisionally called Zing – because of her lively performance in winning her test race – Z79 was recently built by David Heritage in Cowes.

Zing was commissioned by the Victory Class to ensure that a top class, racing-ready new Victory would be available to potential new owners wanting to get on the water without delay.

Zing was fully fitted out for racing by David Heritage and tuned and set up by Shaun Hopkins. She is fully compliant with the European Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). She has been tried and tested in the Victory Class course in one race, which she won decisively. Since then, Zing has been laid up and is being maintained to its build standard and is ready to sail immediately. 

There are only two photos of Z79 in existence, both of which are shown here, however she is built to identical standards as Z78 which is also pictured here and is available to view and test sail. 

Price £28,000

Viewing by appointment. Ring Hugh

Pringle on 07973 176501 or email