​Race report from 9th July- Dick Batt visit

With Dicks visit postponed until todays race, we all gathered in the Camber ‘as usual’ until we realised that the harbour was about to close due to the imminent arrival of the great aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth. Rosina, with Z67 in tow, made it across to ballast which allowed all the Victories to rig and wait for the grey elephant to park in her berth.

Bill and John from Z68 were our OODs in Rosina, once we made it out onto the swashway they made a quick getaway to KB to set the line. The course was- 

Darling Associates P Vail Williams P KB S Finish at Suffolk Sails/Line

The wind slowly died and the tide confused the sea but the race got off to a clean start for Z74 with Dick Batt onboard. The fleet split with some going into the wall for clear air and the others heading southwest for the strong west going tide, carrying them up to the windward mark. The first leg was full of close crossings and ducks, places were changing all the way up to DA. Z54, Z57 and Z70 went tight into Gilkicker corner but stalled in a tidal eddy. Z74 and Z80 made it round DA followed by Z71. Once again the ten boat fleet split- Z80, Z78 led the fleet right, Z71, Z75 and Z70 went left into the beach. The tide propelled Z71 and Z75 around Gilkicker beach and into the lead, the tide (and good kite trimming) helped keep Z71 in the lead on the long downwind to VW. Unfortunately the boats that went right got stuck out by the tide. On our way down to VW, Z71 spotted Rosina gunning it from KB to VW- we were expecting a shortened course due to the dying wind. Turns out that Rosina just wanted to watch us round VW! 

With a short(ish) fetch from VW to KB, Z71 held out in front but mid fleet there were places changing, it was all down to the final drag. 

Rounding KB and hoisting the kite, Z71 decelerated and was nearly caught by Z75 and then Z57 when they rounded. Z75 and Z71 now had a game of cat and mouse to the finish- cover and go into the wall, or stay out with more breeze?  Z71 kept their lead after gybing near the wall and pulling away from Z75. The final results- 1st Z71

2nd Z75

3rd Z57

4th Z78

5th Z74

6th Z80

7th Z70

8th Z77

9th Z54

10th Z53 Thank you to Bill and John for running the race. Thank you to Dick for the winners bottle. Congratulations to Z71- Gareth, Hiram and Zoe - i’m sure Z71 won the same race last year, definitely deja vu !! See you tonight, Thursday 11th July, for a special one off race. Don’t forget to book your Cowes week social tickets through Matt and your new class tie!



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Victory Class social events Cowes Week 2019

​Don't miss out on some fantastic events!

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​Race report from the Solstice Regatta 2019

The Solstice Regatta combines racing on Thursday and Saturday with an extra multi race on Friday to make a series, this year the Saturday race was also the 85th Anniversary race.

Thursdays race was also extra special as it was Delphines Last Race.

Firstly - thank you to everyone for their help over the weekend, without all the hard work the regatta would not have been a success!

Ten Victorys took part in the regatta with windy decreasing from a windy/stormy Thursday to nearly nothing on Saturday with bright sunshine, a typical English summer!

On Friday night we headed out the harbour entrance for two short races along the wall, OOD was Sid Dollery with his fantastic radio voice!

A course was set from KB to PSC, through the gate, down to Suffolk Sails and through the gate. The first race was three laps and the second was two due to the dying wind.

There was close racing across both races but Z69 pipped both wins!

After racing on Friday we all gathered in Victory Village for some rum punch and pasties, it was a lovely way to see out the Summer Solstice and to reminisce on the evenings race.

On Saturday the sun was shining with a gentle breeze, Sid once again was OOD and set a (long!) course from KB, Mary Rose, Browndown, Mary Rose, KB, VW, finishing at Suffolk Sails.

Unfortunately the wind didn't hold and we finished at KB, however the fleet enjoyed a long downwind leg to Browndown with tactical tidal decisions to be made. Z69 chased down Z48, Z75 and Z68 tousled with eachother off Gillkicker. Upwind to MR Z69 caught up Z48, Z75 closed in on them and Z54 overtook Z68, to then be overtaken by Z70.

The last leg from MR to KB was a slow slog- the wind barely filling the kite and there was constant wake from boats and ferries in the busy Solent.

The final results are below. Congratulations to Scam and Max on Z69, they retain their Solstice Regatta winners title!!

The next race of the season will be tonight, Tuesday 25th May... if there is any wind! 

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Solstice Regatta Pontoon Party

Victory Class 85th Anniversary Celebrations

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​Saturday 18th May Race Report

Hold tight, it is a double race report from the Saturday multi-series...

On what turned out to be an absolutely splendid day, five Victorys emerged from the harbour entrance to a flukey 3-5kt breeze from the SE. The plan was to complete two races in the 1st Saturday series for the final points in the Helmsman Cup. Due to too much wind at the start of the season only one other race had been sailed in this series, meaning there was everything to play for today!

Z77, Z71, Z70, Z68 and Z53 gathered in the sunshine to workout what the course was going to be and who was going to be gate boat. Class Captain, Liz, on Z70 set the course from Suffolk Sails to - Gleeds (p), Vail Williams (p) finishing at Suffolk Sails.

After a speedy start(!) the fleet split with Z70 and Z77 heading off to the channel, Z71, Z53 and Z68 banged right but then Z68 decided to head off to the channel with the promise of more tide. The wind was shifty, the tide was confused and places were changing all the way up to Gleeds.

Z68 rounded first followed by Z71, Z77, Z70 and Z53. A reach to VW had everything to play for, 71 and 77 caught up with 68 as we all gybe around the mark. A slow leg from VW to SS meant that 68, 77 and 71 spread out looking for the breeze. Closing into SS, 71 felt the need to change it up- you don’t win a race by following the boat in front- deciding to test 77 and 68 with a couple of gybes which snuck them ahead and into the lead.

The results from the first race-

1st Z71

2nd Z77

3rd Z68

4th Z70

5th Z53

After the first race the wind seemed to ease and shift to the south, a new course was set starting at Suffolk Sails, RNC&RAYC (p), KB (p), Portsmouth Sailing Club (p), RNC&RAYC (p), finishing at Suffolk Sails.

Once we got away the wind decided to return to what it originally was and the first leg to RA was nearly a reach. Z70, being gate boat again, got a tactical advantage as the wind shifted, they were heading perfectly for RA. Z71 and Z77 tacked once clear of the start and chased Z70 down, Z77 went low along the wall with Z53, Z68 and Z71 stayed high on Z70’s stern. Rounding RA, Z71 and Z77 had just snuck ahead but it was still very close between the fleet as Z70 and Z68 tacked around the windward mark together.

It was now a reach to KB and a gybe to head for PSC, the wind shifted once again and Z71 attempted to hold the kite once they had rounded PSC (heading back for RA). The kite was swiftly dropped, during the drop the fleet to closed in on them. Now fighting to round RA for the last time, Z77 tried everything they could to overtake Z71.

Coming into RA, Z71 rounded first and got their kite set for the reach to the finish (the wind had shifted once again!) close behind them Z77 followed and then Z68, Z70 and Z53. It was now a drag race to the finish, albeit fairly slowly considering the wind speed…

1st Z71 Tim, Joppers and Zoe

2nd Z77 Hugh and Kim

3rd Z68 John and Bill

4th Z70 Liz, MC and Chris

5th Z53 Ron, Chris and Rosie

Once again the sun shone on the Victory Class for a great afternoon of racing!

Thank you again to Class Captain Liz for driving Rosina and being gate boat, i think you can hang your buoy up for the season now.

I must say Z71 had a secret weapon, owner Gareth Penn was busy with childcare duties so our friend Tim Carter stepped in to helm with Z70s usual crew James Jopling (Joppers). Thanks boys for getting Z71 racing and winning the Helmsman Cup.

Next race is Tuesday 21st May for the fifth race in the Tuesday Shield (1st Tuesday)

See you on the water !

Zoe, Z71

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​Tuesday 7th May Race Report

​A strange wind direction…. north easterly led officer of the day Ron Fidler (Z53) to set course 16… i think everyone needed to check their course cards as its a rarely (ever?) used course! So to remind you-

Wall start


VW s

KB s


SS (suffolk sails) s

VW s


Finish at SS

Boats on the startline were 57, 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, 78, 80, unfortunately Z68 broke their tiller and didn’t start the race. The first leg was a reach to PSC, the majority of the fleet started at the Suffolk Sails end of the line with their spinnakers up.

The fleet split at PSC with Z75 leading the pack towards the Isle of Wight, whilst Z57 took a gaggle of Victorys to the edge of the channel. The wind was gusty with a sea state reminiscent of Cowes week, if only it was a little warmer!

Z75 led around the first windward mark (VW) down the gybe mark (KB) followed swiftly by Z71 and Z76. Kites had to be dropped at PSC for the very tight reach/near beat to PSC.

Z75 continued their lead at Suffolk Sails and up to Vail Williams for a second time, whilst the rest of the pack fought for the other places.

Downwind from VW to PSC there were a few gybe battles to try and gain places, however coming into PSC Z76 pipped Z71 followed by Z57 sneaking in before the finish.

Take home from the race- when in doubt definitely put you jacket on, the waves are wetter than they look …

The results-

Z75, 76, 57, 71, 70, 80, 78, 74. Congrats to Z75 on their win!

Thank you to OOD Ron Fidler.

The next race is tonight, Thursday 9th May and then Saturday 11th May. See you on the water!

Zoe, Z71

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