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Crews Race race report

With about five boats looking likely to enter the crews race it looked like a good opportunity for the helms to hand the tiller over. However, once Galadriel arrived in Victory Village the weather filled in from the NE and blew up. This increase in wind speed made the conditions marginal for the crews to handle, and with Cowes Week just around the corner it was decided that 19 knts gusting 22 would be too much. In typical sailing fashion the forecast was wrong and it moderated just as the pints were poured in PSC!

Instead we enjoyed a few beers followed by an informal but excellent forum led by Stretch. Focussing on Cowes Week but also all aspects of racing Victories, it was great to get our heads back in the game ready for this weekend.

Pizzas arrived and we continued discussions, but avoiding rule talk as we would have been there all night! The main takeaway was how important communication is between crews and helm on the boat.

Thanks Stretch for a great evening off the water, hopefully we can reschedule the crews race for later in the year.
Look out for Cowes Week race reports starting from Friday with the passage race to The Island.


Crew Social

​Crew Race and Social now on Friday 23 July 2021

Any questions, please contact Stretch -

Ben Fry

​A selection of photograph’s taken by Ben Fry.