Saturday racing at its best! 17knts + with a strong west tide made it a wet race!

67 was gateboat with the course starting at PSC, then to get some pre-cowes week practice in the next mark was Mother Bank to port.

After some close tacking up the wall-it was a game of spot the (correct) red can!

The middle of the channel offered a very strong tide so the gamble was to tack along stokes bay out of the tide before crossing .... Or alternatively cross the channel and then tack up the IOW coast. Certainly th IOW gave you better visibility of motherbank.

Out of 7 boats out on the water, only one risked the tide for better visibility..Z54. but would it pay off?

Safe to say- It paid off! - and Z54 had a 1NM lead on the rest of the fleet. Followed by the rest of the fleet all within close proximity of each other as they head down wind with the tide back to Suffolk Sails.

The down wind leg was close, 54 rounded the SS first followed later by Z70 who stayed out in the strongest tide, shortly followed by 69 and 68.

The boats had a short tacking match up the wall back up to Baker Trayte and down wind to finish at Suffolk Sails.

Finishing order was 54, 70, 68/69, 76, 67, 53

Safe to say -54 was waiting for us at the bar after a very clever early call on the water.

Written by MC (Z70)

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