Seven Victories and their crews gathered on a rather chilly evening at the committee boat which was anchored adjacent to the Portsmouth Sailing Club mark. The breeze was fairly steady from the South South East at about 10 knots, a weak tide on the turn and beginning to set to the east. Geoff Dixon was the evening’s race officer, ably assisted by Liz Ballard. The course was set: starting at PSC, Gleeds to port, PSC to starboard, KB to starboard, finish at PSC line, nice and simple

Starting signals commenced and the fleet gathered at the committee boat end of the line. Z68 came in on port and tacked under Z74 and Z80 with 30 seconds to go, gathering some speed we were more than grateful when a second sound signal followed the start as both Z74 & Z80 were clearly over the line. They returned to restart and we then had clear air for the long beat to Gleeds. Concentrating on both boat speed and pointing Z68 gradually gained on those who were making a long starboard tack to the left-hand side of the track. Two boats Z75 & Z80 had gone the other way with a long port tack. On coming together at the windward mark, it was Z75 who had gained most and rounded first, followed by Z68 and then closely by Z80 (who had started last), then Z74, Z78, Z54 and Z70. Then a long run back to PSC with little if any place changes, short beat to KB and a run to the finish line. Another good win for Z75 followed by Z80, Z68 just holding off Z74, then Z78, Z70 and Z54, Z70 having sneaked past Z54 as they made a rather slow rounding of PSC. Most of us held our spinnakers along the wall and into the harbour against the ebbing tide, keen to get in out of the cold and looking forward to the warmth, beer and usual debrief in the sailing club. Many thanks to Geoff and Liz for an enjoyable race.


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