Hard slog

Late posting of a report from the previous week. Unfortunately, no pics or photos to add. With a great sailing day as the winds from the week decreased five boats arrived at the start area. Z69 took responsibility for the gate boat. Setting the course initially to Kemp Quay(P), Suffolk Sails(S), Linington(S), Royal Albert(S), Suffolk Sails (P), Portsmouth Sailing Club, Suffolk Sails. Before the warning signal this was altered to Mother Bank as the first mark. On the first start, the gate boat unfortunately lost the timing and with the observation by Munch, the start was abandoned with a restart. The winds were beginning to ease at start time. With all the yachts correctly starting the fleet decision was to short tack at Gillkicker to cheat the tide. Lots of lead changing happening between Z69, Z54, Z70 and Z68 all having a turn. Unfortunately, Z67 a little behind after the morning’s repair and maintenance. Eventually the fleet managed to get around the point after some intense short tacking, reminiscent of a Cowes Week Race, Z69 leading, followed by Z70, Z54, Z68 and Z67. With the breeze lightening, was the choice to obtain tide relief at Stokes Bay, or plug to the west gain a slight southerly track from the tide. Hold on, a brave choice Z67 tacks for the Island shore – perhaps a visit to the red post or will we see them later???

The main fleet struggled against the tide to the West, Z54 moving in to second through Z70. Z68 seems to be moving well closer to the mainland shore. How far to go before committing to the starboard tack to Mother Bank in the main flow. Z69 tack first with the fleet following suit, except for Z67 (somewhere in the Eastern Solent).

With a couple of tacks, Z69 lead around Mother Bank, followed by Z54, Z70, Z68 with Z67 as the straggler. With the commercial traffic around Mother Bank and the breeze building, there were some alternative courses.

Z69 kite up and going extended from Z54, with the length of time on the beat it looked like it would just be the one-mark course!

At the finish Z69, Z54, Z70, Z68 and eventually Z67. Beers in the club.

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