Race report….. Brace yourselves, it’s guest crew (stroke rockstar crew) report.


Course: PSC(start)- MR(p)-SS(s)-MR(p)-SS(s)-GL(p)-SS(fin)

The above might mean something to you, it means little to me. This is officially my second official Victory Class Portsmouth race, the last time I took part in a victory summer race, Z69 was still being sailed by Jeremy, we were all much younger and big scam was with Kate1…. Long story and not important.

Z69 gate, one crew without his hearing aids…(that’s me!) Gate opened first across were Jim and Mark in 78, followed by 67,54,68 in close proximity.

Beat to Mary Rose; z69 closed the line and shortly after tacked onto port, the fleet were pushing the channel side, at the first cross Z69 crossed ahead of 78, 67 and 68 close by.

69 held the left side for longer and this paid rounding with a healthy lead. 78 second, close followed by 67&68. 54 with a bit of ground to make up.

2nd lap…Z69 extended by guarding the left of the beat, 67 caught up 78 and 68 (the wily old dogs??) were in the mix. 67 rounded just Infront of of 78, 78 rolled 67 on the 2nd run.

The last best saw 69 extend, but the race for 2nd was on, 78 and 67 were close, but those wily old dogs in 68 plugged the left hard and we’re looking good, would they sail around the outside of 67 and 78????

69 on the way home, 78 second and 68 tucked in behind, 67 dropping a place in the beat. A good gap to 54 and 70 showing an RTD.

well done scam for a good Cowes week tester of a course. Well done Max for sailing with scam* (someone has too).

See you all in two weeks for The big one!

Simon (Suffolk Sails)

P.S. what a great looking finish buoy you guys have…

P.P.S what a great fleet you guys have, it’s not about the boat….

P.P.P.S. Suffolk Sails tee’s and hoodies, covers etc. Are available

* he’s not that bad… If you take your hearing aids out

1st Z69

2nd Z78

3rd Z68

4th Z67

5th Z54


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