A hot and hazy afternoon on the water with the thudding tones of Victorious Festival being heard across the Solent. Seven Victorys pootled out of the harbour with copious amounts of suncream and water.

Not sure what the record for a Saturday race at home is but i’m sure seven boats might be the most AND on a bank holiday!

Z48 were gate boat and tried their hardest in the little breeze and rolly waves to start a race (twice) before abandoning and sailing to KB for more breeze, which did eventually come.

This Saturday was also quite unusual, apart from the (record) number of Victorys, record temperatures, we also had possibly one of the youngest Victory crews onboard Z71- 4 year old Archie Penn.

Now i’m sure some of you already know the story… but poor Archie had been treated to a chocolate ice cream before coming aboard, he was ready to race asking how long until we went fast and when would the dragon spinnaker could be hoisted. Two abandoned starts and a lot of bobbing about took their toll on junior Penn and before long he was not feeling too good, this mornings ice cream resurfaced across the poor old Christina.

The start was nearly in sequence but Z71 knew we wouldn’t be racing, Gareth announced over the radio that we were off home due to a case of mal de mar. Poor Archie slept the whole way back to the mooring whilst Gareth cleaned up the boat.

If anyone has any sailing anecdotes from the race then that would be appreciated!

I know that the positions were-







Z71 (DNS)

There is just one race left in the Saturday Trophy- this weekend 31st August, start time at 1400.

See you on the water!



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