SW Force 4, with some light patches on the course but no big squalls (like yesteday!), some threat of rain. After some beers in the Island Sailing Club and then some more in the Duke of York, some members of the Victory class were feeling more spritly than others as we gathered in the morning. What to wear was another question, a soggy and cold first day wasn’t too be repeated.

Z71 had a good start to the morning, got the boat ready, got the right kit on, no hangover for the youngest crew member, brilliant! … until…. when hoisting the mainsail the youngest crew member decided it would be a great time to test the length of the halyard. OH SHIT! With 30 mins before the start Stretch and Gareth had some very quick thinking, wanting to avoid a possible costly trip to Lallows (and possibly the second this season!, we went to the ISC pontoon and with some help, Gareth up a ladder and Stretch pulling the boat over, they rethreaded the halyward and we could try and make our start.

Well, we missed the start but thought we would try and catch up, whilst avoiding the squibs and XODs! Stretch quickly got the course and thankfully we at least knew where the first mark was. Time to settle down and hunt the fleet down.

If anyone would like to let us know how the Victory start went, that would be great! I did hear Z67 might’ve touched a big green buoy before the start sequence, Z54 also might’ve bumped the bottom on some rocks up the green.

Oh the course was-


Contessa 32 Clas p


Royal Thames p

Williams Shipping p

QXI International s

Breakwater finish line

Z71 had a delayed spinnaker hoist (to add to the delayed start!) due to the mast gubbins being in a complete mess, not great. We did catch up Z73 who fought hard to stop us over taking on the upwind between Contessa 32 Class and RORC. We then tried our hardest to catch up the rest of the fleet but unfortunately the race was a little shorter than yesterday and we ran out of race course. Z67 and Z69 weren’t far in front at the finish, only one minute between Z71 and Z67! Top work Gareth and Stretch!

Z74 led from the first mark, followed by Z70 and then a couple of changes between Z80 and Z77 but Z80 came out third. Consistency at the top of the fleet.

The results-










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