Day 2- Sunday 11th August

Evidently, we do just drink…..

We promised some sailing… we were wrong… 0830 hours Munch woke up Cross Street with a “For f**ks sake” after reading the text from Russell which pretty much summed up the opinion on the days racing, we were to be shore bound for another day due to 18-24 kts gusting up to 28 kts from the south west.

The committees decision allowed for us to take a leisurely breakfast for us to then amble to the Island Sailing Club to welcome the late coming Victories. Apon arrival the contingents from Z70, Z71 and Z73 were already halfway through their first pint of the day, it was 1126….

After discussing the decision not to race in much detail the crew of Z71, plus Munch, decided to venture out and watch the Sail GP racing which was set up along the green at Egypt Point. Whilst milling around in quite sizeable (and wet!) chop we watched a class 4 J-something broaching with their spinnaker up, initially thinking that they were bonkers to have it up unnecessarily after finishing their race due to the strong breeze funnelling down the solent, we quickly realised that they were in trouble as the spinnaker was out of control with a blown tack line, pinning them down at a horrific angle.

Stretch, in his orange helmet - being a pro windsurf rescuer - instructed them to blow the spinnaker and we collected it from the water, as they blew the sheets a poor crew had a bight of sheet wrapped around her leg nearly pulling her overboard, thankfully only her shoe was pulled off (without her foot in it may i add!). The boat dropped the main and got under control, five shocked faces thanked us for helping them, hopefully they headed back to their mooring and had a stiff drink to calm the nerves.

We pootled off around the Sail GP exclusion zone, nearly ending up in Lymington! After seeing how breezy it was we were convinced that the less durable F50s wouldn’t be racing. Through the skepticism of the seasoned racers onboard the rib and after a lot of waiting around due to mark repositioning, race 1 got underway - it was quite exhilarating ! The Yanks capsized before the second mark (in slo mo), the Aussies stormed ahead and the Brits had a good tussle with the Japanese team before burying the nose after a big bear away and catapulting one of their crew forwards. No damage to the crew member but the boat did not fare well…

After the first race domestic duties called and the four damp Victory sailors returned to Cowes the long way via 3R, NE Gurnard. The north islanders (Stretch and Gareth) returned home whilst the excitement proved too much for the south islanders and they returned to the dry land for a nap.

If you want to find the youth social contingent tonight they will be in the The Anchor from 2130 hrs, come join us and take part in some dancing to bring on the winds tomorrow.

We promise to have some actual sailing news tomorrow… we don’t just drink…

hmmm deja vu?

Happy Cowes Week!!

Zoe & Munch xx

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