Day One- Saturday 10th August

With racing abandoned for both white and black group due to strong winds the first day of Cowes Week was set aside for a lazy morning followed by collecting registration packages and then wandering along to Gurnard to double check that it was windy- we can confirm that it was rather breezy….

Thankfully the shops were open for last minute kit purchases and the bars were thronging with hungover sailors topping up on the booze.

The serious sailors used the day to complete last minute checks and repairs on their boats, Cowes Yacht Haven pontoons were awash with professional crews busying themselves in the sunshine.

Tomorrows racing for white group has already been postponed by two hours which allows for copious beering tonight (and tomorrow morning for the committed)

If you want to find us the Victory Class social contingent, the youth section will be in the Duke of York, follow the loud music and bad singing, come join us!

I promise we will have some sailing news tomorrow….hopefully! We don’t just drink…

Happy Cowes Week!!

Zoe & Munch xx

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