A Quick Reminder from QHM

Entering, Exiting and Crossing Portsmouth Harbour

“​It is great to see the Victory’s out and also other keel boats. I note that some keelboats are sailing into/out of/transiting across the harbour without an engine, which is naturally frowned up by this office, in particular when the Wightlink ferries are in the Camber!

I also note that we see the Victory’s and other keelboat type sailing vessels, sail close the Fort Blockhouse wall, making their journey shorter and sometimes cheating

the tide, especially when they are inbound. This is against the traffic flow and the General Direction 2/17. BC Outer should be left to port inbound and outbound when using the Inner Swashway. I mention this as this south western corner at Fort Block house is effectively a blind bend if BC Outer is not left to port.

Currently we have seen a large increase in recreational traffic in the harbour, some perhaps wont have visited before and will have done their homework in case of the Small Boat Channel. Some may be locals, some may be visiting yachts, some might be charter vessels. They will all be surprised to see keelboats sailing along that wall, against the traffic flow. We very much rely on the local’s to lead by example in traffic management. I ask the users of these type of vessels to be mindful of their actions in such busy times and peak periods.

Thank you for

your help with this matter.

With kind regards”

Sid Dollery’s avatar 29-Jul-2020 By Sid Dollery in Sailing & racing
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Taylor Trophy Race 21/07/2020

​Please note Sailing Instructions and Risk Assessment for 2020 Taylor Trophy are now available on Racing Docs Page https://victoryclass.org.uk/racing#docs

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