Many a worried sailor was sat on the boom yard wall on Saturday afternoon, remembering Prince Phillip, drinking too much Guinness and wondering if the breeze would be as good for the decider of the Covid Cup. They shouldn’t have worried as they was a fresh but decreasing breeze southerly blowing well and creating a lovely chop.

The 4 boats out for the Covid cup soon became three when a rouge harbour entrance wave put end to Z70 outboard. Z69 volunteered to be gate boat and set a windward leeward course between Gleeds and the temporary Suffolk sails ( QHM in possession of the real one again) with a start at KB.

James Jopling completed his first ever gate start and Jim Downing nearly fluffed his by getting very close to the towed fender. Z75 shot off up the first beat followed by z69 and Z67. Much stayed the same for the first lap, but things got slightly interesting in the 2nd. Z67 held Z69 high forcing them to tack. Z67 decided to then sail into every header and lull possible and Z69 were nicely ahead by the end of the 2nd round. Z75 still somewhere in the distance. Z67 banged hard right into a lift on the third beat and clawed back some distance on 69 with both boats going around Gleeds for the final time together. Z69 did more tacks and gybes then necessary at Gleeds and z67 snuck through. Final run and not much changed. The final results on the water were Z75, Z67 and Z69. More Guiness was consumed after racing.

Well done to Team Zilch for winning the first and hopefully last ever Covid Cup.

Thanks Munch for the race report!

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