Race officer Geoff Dixon was fighting off man flu and called in his deputy David Price from Z54 with assistant race officers James Jopling and Zoe Whittaker.

With a plan to start off the wall abandoned when QHM recieved the call from Wightlink that start buoy Suffolk Sails was adrift with a course set for Ryde sands. Rosina headed off to KB to set the course whilst the wind shifted and died, all the changes led to a chaotic last minute start after a short postponement.

Eventually we got racing off with a downwind start, the course was as follows -

start at kb

vw s

ra s

vw s

kb s

finish at psc

The starters were Z38, Z57, Z70 and Z74

All boats were shy of the line whilst struggling to get spinnakers up, due to the short time frame from the course being announced to the start. Once all four boats had spinnakers up they shot off to VW spreading out from left to right.

At VW the fleet split with two boats heading to ryde and two to southsea.

"The race officer was relieved to see the fleet split at VW and exhaled with a large sigh"

Whilst the fleet battled upwind to RA, Rosina watched (and listened) to QHM and tug Independent recover Suffolk Sails from the impending shore of ryde sands, with the help of Gareth Penn remotely from home.

Coming into RA 38 was in the lead with 57 close behind, followed by 74 with 70 hot on their heels. Downwind to VW for the second time, 38 pulls away from 57 with a fair spread between the fleet.

VW to KB the gap between 38 and 57 closes and the wind eases to measly 5 kts.

Z38 finished first followed by Z57, Z74 and Z70. Congrats Minx on your first race and win of the season!

See you on the water for the next race 

Zoe, Z71

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