​ Probably the breeziest race of the year so far - South West 20 odd knots, gusting 29 or more.

Racing got away promptly with Z78 acting as Gate Boat and three other starters, Z70, Z54 and Z69.

Course chosen was starting from Alfie, Kemps Quay to port, Alfie to Starboard, Royal Albert & RNC to Port, Alfie to Starboard to finish.

Z69 was the only two up boat, Z78 welcoming newcomer Owain Little to his first Victory Race and his second ever sailing weekend, a bit of a baptism of fire !

Gate closed after 39 seconds as all boats had started however as we reached KB, Z70 decided that discretion was the better part of valor and made an early retreat back to the harbour. The three remaining boats had a close fought moist battle up the beat towards the Isle of Wight with there being scarcely 5 boat lengths between them all as they crossed tacks. With all three searching for the elusive Kemps Quay, it was Z78 that got lucky and found it right on the nose as the other two overstood. This allowed Z78 to steal the lead at the windward mark after about 40 minutes of race time. The downhill journey back was interesting with the ebb tide now flowing hard against the wind off of Gilkicker. I think all three kites were dropped as gybing took place in the surfing conditions. The places remained unchanged but close to the end of the second round. Race complete in around one hour forty tiring minutes.

Finishing positions




Z70 Ret

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