​Thursdays Not Much Sailing

The wind was light, and after a bit of grumbling on the camber about how much a stupid sport sailing is, crews headed to their boats. I was on Z77 tonight with Hugh and Max therefore I didn’t increase my boat count for this year. (I might on Tuesday though).

With conditions unknown we decided not to hoist our sails and motor out onto Spithead, and for a moment wondered if it was a harbour race, there were no other boats, Rosina or anyone on the signal station, luckily others arrived before we started backtracking and cruised up the harbour. Still with light breeze, we moored to Alfie.

Rosina radioed the fleet, whilst performing a mad dash across the harbour to get an inflatable mark, stating that they intended to start at PSC and the fleet motored/sailing/both in that general direction. Again, my lassoing technique was honed as we attached to PSC. Highlight of the evening was watching loads of jellyfish, mainly of the Moon type drift westwards with the tide.

Rosina arrived at full throttle and set a course of “KB, leeward, gate, around as many times till we stop you” although the leeward was to be laid after the start. The horn went and the crew of Z77 jumping into action getting the sailing up. The first 7ft of the main went up, until again the halyard jumped the sheaf, and main wasn’t going up any more. This has only happened with me on the boat this year, so I will let you draw your own conclusion as to what the problem might be. 

Z77 motored back into the harbour and tried successfully at high tide to unjam the halyard from Haslar Bridge. (I Need to grow an extra 6 foot…). As we did re-enter the harbour, a glance over the shoulder did confirm that everyone has started as was moving in the light breeze, although only one lap was completed I’m lead to believe.

If anyone would like to comment on the racing, rather than the wildlife and how I managed to thwart our sailing then please chip in.

See lots of you out on the water for this weekend’s Portsmouth regatta, on a Victory or in another class of boat.


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